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Symptoms of HIV

I had an encounter about a week ago now.We used a condom but it broke,unprotected anal.Receptive.Id like to know the odds that i contracted HIV and the initial symptoms.My stomach has been off literally since the day AFTER the encounter and still hasent subsided.Is that a sign of HIV?And can i be getting symptoms literally less than 2 days after the encounter?Im thinking it might be stress because i was aware the day after that he might be Positive.But im still worried and would like other opinions.Help?
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tyical acute HIV symptoms are not so rapid like two days. Virus need time to replicate and body need time to response. Usually it needs 2-4 weeks. Your symptoms are not in the typical list.
Your behavior is in high risk(2%-5% if partner is confirmed to be positive), get test at 4 weeks, then 3 months, ask your partner's status, hopeful not lie to you.
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He is a liar.Which upsets me,also the fact im 17 years of age,too young for this bull.But 2 to 5 out of what percent?
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2%-5% means that 100 times encounter may have 2-5 catches. Do not  stress yourself now, he might be negative. Try to find a specialist and get a consult, you are very young. You should learn from this time, have a positive sex behavior in your future, otherwise it would be dangerous to you.
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in the future...use PLENTY of water based lube to lessen the chance of condom failure.

a risk is a risk...so you need to test.  in the grand scheme of things...a very tiny percentage of ppl are hiv +...so odds are, the guy you were with was not.

symptoms are never a good indicator of early infection, as the same symptoms associated with ars, are also symptoms of common, everyday illnesses.

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