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Symptoms runny nose and sore throat

I'm really scared right now.  Approximately 3 in a half months ago, March or early April,  I recieved unprotected oral sex.  I did not know the person that gave me oral sex very well.  It was really stupid of me and I cant believed that I did this.  I did ejacualated but not as a result of the oral sex it was as a result of the person assisting me masturbate.  Over the last two-three weeks I have had different symptoms. It first started as a runny nose.  When I blew my nose smelled kind of funny, the kind of smell mucus has when your sick.  My runny nose was clear at first before turning green nearly clogging my nose.  I had to clear out my nose several times a day because the mucus would become very thick and hard.  My nose is still runny but the fluid is now clear.  Symptoms then spread to my throat.  This is relatively recent, appromately a week and a half.  I have some what of a sore throat primarily to the right side.  I believe this gland is slightly irratated and it causes some discomfort.  My eyes are also experiencing some discomfort and feel heavy.  I have felt very tired lately but have managed to get through the day.  I need to mention that I have been working more and typically work long nights.  I have only been getting about 4-6 hours of sleep.  Generally speaking I dont feel well as I have consumed myself in answers for the symptoms that I am having.  These have been the only symptoms that i have had.

I recently did speak to the person that gave me oral sex.  I asked he was HIV Neg.  He or course stated he was giving me a date of approximately around the same time that he gave me oral sex.  This person had recently been tested for HIV.  So I'm told!  In order to protect myself i went got tested for HIV and other STD's yesterday.  I am however very worried and scared.  Being tested is the only sure way to know if I contacted something by oral sex.  I get my test results back with in the next.  Can you give me some advise?  Are my symptoms consistent with a person that has contracted HIV.  From what I have read, its my understanding the risk of contracting HIV through oral sex is lower although still not 100%.

Your guidedance is greatly appreciated.    

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you can expect a negative :)

NO...your symptoms are NOT consistent with a person who has contracted hiv.
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I have aching joints, only mild, a swolen throat but not sore and a stuffy nose, also I am a lot more tired than usual but I think that is through anxiety. This is all around the week mark after unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex with a street prostitute in ibiza. Could these be early signs of hiv, I am very worried?
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