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Although HIV Ars sympts are non-specific, in general - can the onset be with acute joint pains and manifest on mild flu like symptoms. How common is loss of appetite and weight loss. Can you pls explain what is the nature of fever one would experience since fever is one of most common symptom. Will it be high, moderate or low temp. Continuos or intemittent. How many days typically does it last? What is the nature of HIV rashes. do they appear on the back.  Do they leave behind tiny bumps making the surface rough? Your reply on this will be extremely appreciated. Thanks.    
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You've never had an exposure.
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Teak totally appreciate but it's very depressing seeing myself lose almost 4kgs in 2 weeks. Hence wanted to know how common is loss of appetite and weight loss without high fever, rashes, sore throat as symptoms of ARS. All other clinical investigations look fine. It would be helpful to know about the symtoms. Thanks and apologies to drag this one.
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Can you pls reply?
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Symptoms to what?
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see your doctor if you are having health concerns...it's NOT hiv related.  there is no use SYMPTOM SHOPPING...you never had an exposure.
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