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I had protected sex with a stripper.  Before ejaculation she pulled it out and gave me oral with the condom on until release. However at the beginning I gave her oral for about 20 seconds and after the session was done she kissed me on the mouth.  Five days later I got up in the morning and when I turned my head to the left I had a pain going from the upper neck area through the mouth and to the temple. The right side of my throat, under the back jaw, was swollen.  

I have taken advil and that seems to be a little more relaxed however I did have a soreness at the top of the right back of the throat and when I press on two areas, one being under the back jaw on the throat and a little higher under the right ear it is sore.

I have been stupid by driving with my sunroof up this week even though it was cold and it seemed to appear after this. However this is a wish rather than me believing it could only be that. I am in Canada and it has been hit with all that snow and I have been out in it shoveling.

I have had no fever so far just the above symptoms.

I am extremely worried.

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Hi there,

Basing from this account given, you are not in any risk for HIV.

I would suggest testing for STI, including HIV, for all sexually active people every 6 monthly or yearly.
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Your risk is almost nil.  Your sex was protected.  Except for the oral...Which means you've got a 1 in 100,000 chance that you contracted HIV IF she had it..Which puts you somewhere in the range of 1 in 10,000,000.  If you're still nervous, get tested in 8 weeks.
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