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Had unprotected hetero sex with a female 4 weeks ago, I have NO symptoms that I can notice but I'm extremely panicked!! I will go for a test this week, is it possible i can have hiv with ZERO symptoms? (other than freaking out)
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You need to test at 3 months to get a conclusive test result. The answer to your second question is yes you can contract HIV without having symptoms.
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what are the odds of having no symptoms?
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look man to put your fear at ease you don't need testing, don't let the media tell you, that you do, a one time "true hetero sexual contact" exposure to hiv is not even falliable, for one the infected people in the us make less than one percent the hetero community make up like about .2 maybe .2 compared to 300.000.000 million meaning that about of the million who are constrated maybe 20,000-60,000 are infected and the males who have it had herpes when they got infected, or another std, like syphillis, and cut your risk by 60 percent in america which means. you are .0000000 and beyond the chance of getting hiv, yes it can happen but the odds are so in your favor, believe me i had testing like dude i slept with over 100 girls in three years and i was still negative unprotected none the less, ok and females only get it if it a dude sleeps with a dude and goes back and sleeps with her and doesn't tell her cuts the guy hetero hiv situation down even more because dudes lie about sleeping with dudes your ok trust me you dont need test
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I disagree with your statements. It depends on what country he had the unprotected sex in. It he had unprotected sex in "south africa" or "Brazil" or a 3rd world country he can be at high risk. However, if he had sex in the USA, Australia, UK his chances are minimal but still possible. You should not tell people to not get tested for HIV. Imagine he took your advice and was infected with HIV and then infected other people. See the domino effect. Yes, most likely he is not positive but I advise you to not tell people to not get tested.
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bottom line man like i was saying last night im not telling people people not to get a test, but even the doctors on this forum will recommend against testing in this kind of case, chances are minimal in the us you mean non-existant practically(hetero), see you scare people about it, when even the government builds it up to a pandemic for the hetero community these days which is completely untrue in the u.s and developed countries read studies bo, the dudes that do get it usually are guys who have been exposed many times and usually have an acting std at the time and/or shes bleeding,and even then if she has an std it it only increases your risk a little multipy the .0000 whatever times 2 and there is your chance, and those even took hundreds of time for it to transmit, can it happen in one given exposure sure, but you have a better chance of getting hit buy a car, like i said all it does is get people stressed out telling them to get a test an cause them to think every symptom or cold is hiv, an for the record a cold is not and ars usually involves a rash, but anyway i say if you want get tested if ya won't for your own peace of mind, but if you dont, don't worry about it b/c the numbers are on your side, but to agree with your statement depends what country
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The only way to know your status is by testing. A 3 month test will give you a conclusive test result.
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