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Dear Doctor,

I am 39 male and married. I had unprotected sex sometime ago. After few weeks my wife caught very iching skin rashes starting from her leg, to her arms, genital areas. She even had swollen gland followed by headaches. I also noticed small pimples kind of thing around her forehead. She had plenty of medicines and antiboitics but her rash was not cured. Her skin doctor gave her few medicines and some lotion. She is little better now but she says that she is noticing muscle pain.

I also had very iching rash around my buttocks and pelvis area but was cured after a week. Now I am also noticing muscle ache, heavy head. My doctor said it is a aczema.

I am really worried please advice whether it is some kind of HIV symptoms or other STD.
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Those are not any kind of symptoms of HIV. You did put yourself at risk so you should test.
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Teak rightly said, you are at a risk due to the mentioned event of unprotected sex. Men should behave more responsibly and  must refrain from unprotected sex with anyone, especially with their committed partners, in a situation like this, until get cleared through the 3 month conclusive test. Why should our wives become innocent victims.
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You did put yourself at risk for contracting STD's including the HIV. You furthermore put your wife at risk, did not give her the choice to decide either. You should deffinetely test for STD's including the HIV.
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I was tested non-reactive for VDRL does this mean that I am at low risk for STD. I am waiting for test results for STD.

My wifes had open sores which was very ichy but was cured but again it is appearing in the buttocks, it is very ichy, is this some kind of allergy? Please advice.
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no one here can diagnose your wife's symptoms.

how long has it been since you cheated on your wife?
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take these period coolly and wait for the three months test result.with out HIV there are meny germs can make like that. so wish a good result u and next only wife no other ok.
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