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Hi Doc,
had asked you about an STD last week, you assured me based on my explanation it was no worry.
However, things have gotten worse, after reviewing some of the other posts (wish I hadn't). Now i'm convinced
of HIV.
Here's where I'm at...
Got so depressed and anxiety filled I ended up back on Wellbutrin 150mg, Monocycline 200 mpg per day for
outbreak of Roscea(I hope) and Xanax .5 as needed. Started the WB on 3/5, started monocy 3/30. Have
been doing the Xanax at night. Tough, extreme anxiety during the days but need the WB for the depression.
Anyway....felt like nodes started to flare up, lower back, under arms neck, week 4 and 2 day's after the encounter
just yesterday and today feels like mono, had that before, no fever but have had a rash on upper back and mid
back, dermotologist on 3/10 dx clobe., has worked on most but one mid back doesn't seem to respond.
The rash started about 1 week maybe 1.5 weeks after encounter (2/7). I've had mono before so I know the feelings.
Trying not to do the self test for enlarged nodes, waste of time I know but the anxiety is tough.
No fever as of yet. Have lost a few pounds but under the circumstances, I'm not surprised.
Next week is 6 week mark so I plan on getting tested then but would like your opinion for my heads sake.
I'm assuming writing this that you can refer to last post for more detailed on the encounter, but just in case.
2/7, with married couple, foolish drunkeness, got naked started messing around, some fellatio and I
entered her for about 10 seconds and then said the hell with with it and just masterbated. No male / male contact.
I appreciate the forum and your advice.

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the correct date I started the Monocyline is 3/10.  I take this around 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Very shaky in morning, unsteady for a bit..this may be because I'm taking the Wellbutrin around 8pm and the Xanax @ 9....Wake up every night @ 2a.m. and spend the rest of the night worrying and trying to get back to sleep.
I may get one of those test kits form the Pharm. today and have the real stuff done next week.

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Sorry Doc, the nodes thing is week 4+2 days after encounter..not 2 seperate occasions.
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anytime you have unprotected sex...you put yourself at risk.  the short amount of time (10 secs) is in your favor.

do your test at 6 weeks as planned.   it will be a good indicator of your status...and with today's test, it is unlikely to change...but you must follow it up at 3 months for a conclusive result.

the oral sex is not a concern for hiv.
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Thanks lizzie
Paid for this, should have been in forum

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