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Syphilis and HIV

Can Syphilis or syphilis Chancre spread HIV to people who are HIV negative.


If both partners are negative of HIV can Syphilis spread HIV?

Sorry if this is confusing.
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Syphilis is a bacterial infection. hiv is a virus so it has nothing to do with syphilis.
What was your risk that you are wondering about hiv transmission?
I have something on my genitals, but don't no what it is? It is flat and looks like a cut that is healing.

I am in a committed relationship but also in another relationship with a third person, both are sti free so just wondering what it is. My exposure was only unprotected oral sex.

I have looked at numerous pictures of chancres on Google and they all look raised, red and seems to be oozing and looks very aggressive, if that's the right word to use.

I have showed both of my partners this and they say this nothing and have reassured me they are clean of all stis. I recently took an sti test back in Feb and all came back negative.
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I can see that you have posted over 50 times in this forum.  That is highly unusual.  If you are having worries or medical problems that necessitate this level of posting, you should surely see a doctor.

Just to make it clear:
The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

If you did not engage in either of those activities, it does not matter whether your partner had syphilis or not.  You cannot get/transmit HIV unless you do the activities I listed above.
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But you have already been told at least 2 other times that oral is not a risk so not sure why you have asked for a 3rd+ time.
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Besides, oral is zero risk for hiv. You haven't been diagnosed with syphilis anyway but whatever answer you get from the STI forum will not tie you into any possibility of an hiv transmission.
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