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TO ALL !!!! Natural History of HIV Infection

please find here the "Natural History if HIV Infection" most questions asked here are answered in text, graphis and pictures.

Everyone worried should have a look and read:


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How is that supposed to help the worried people, other than reinforce their fears of symptoms? Don't you think they've seen all that a million times already?
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its a complete medical study by reserach team of doctors .. not random people who share their knowledge which they got from searching the net .. so its good document to look and read to see facts .. proven facts ..

and i assume everyone who is a bit on thsi forum knows that symptoms can say a lot or absolutely nothing ..

can read one of my older posts to the doc ..
where i was almost for 7-8 weeks ill in bed with fever night sweats flu sore throat emergency room visits and then in the end tested negative
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Still, people are going to read that and say "Oh, I had that symptom, that rash, that fever, etc etc. Maybe that means I'm positive too!" If you're going to post a case study, I just think it would be more forum appropriate to show something that calms people's fears a little more than that one does. Just my opinion. Maybe the others here feel different.
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Yeah, that wasnt fun to see.  It made me think that hiv is worse than I had initially feared.  Those rashes and carcinomas were really awful.  
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and thats exactly my point with my statistic post or the history of hiv .. this threads seem full of people who share there opinions which are based on some facts they read in internet etc to comfort people BUT the comforting should come from medical proven facts not opinions.
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i think the link was very helpful and I can't see why anyone would see it as negative or scary. The majority of the questions here touch upon when antibodies can be detected, window periods, onset of symptoms....blah blah baba boddie boo. The charts and graphs at this link do a very good job of visually confirming what we've heard so many times. Antibodies are typically starting to produce around week 3 or 4 and they start to become detectable at around week 5 to 6. And if anyone sees a picture on that site that reminds them of something they have then they better damn well be at the doctors because none of those things are normal to have. HIV or not there's something going on that needs to be fixed.

The End
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One thing is for sure. Looking at the pictures of the people with AIDS will make people think twice before having sex. I worked with burned patients in a hospital and I have a strong stomach, but that grossed me out.
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