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Tattoo Gun

I work in a Max. Security HIV prison 90% of our inmate population is HIV+.  While conducting a "shake down" i was stuck really deep with a homemade inmate tattoo gun. What is my risk for HIV and HEP ABC our nursing staff is a joke..and I need a  new doctor, just want some advice..
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So your prison is only for HIV infected people? Where is this prison?
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Texas Department of Criminal Justice  Mark W. Stiles
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For some reason, that doesn't sound legal to me.
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Um, I don't think he is saying that it is an "HIV" prison....I think he is saying that a very large portion of their population is HIV +, which is common.

Follow your company's "exposure policy", they won't lead you astray!
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Well it is a real place, can't find stats on actual HIV infected prisoners, but from what I have been able to find it is a big problem.

Well you really should not have a risk for HIV, due to the fact that any blood on the needle would have been dried and when the virus is exposued to air shortly after it is rendered inactive.
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Also follow nursegirls advice, she has more knowledge then I.
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"The prison holds 3000 inmates; more than 400 are HIV positive"

States of Confinement, Joy James
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thanks for the advice ....I also was written up for a "Unsafe Act" on my job with everything on my mind...they could have spared me that..There was some visual blood on the gun and in the yellow ink..when do u guys suggest i get tested ...i will go to the free clinic
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1675 or hiv+ actually we have 2462 on the unit as of now that info is outdated for my unit
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Your clinic should advise you on testing, etc; seek their advice as soon as possible.

Good luck and stay safe.
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You were never at risk of contracting HIV.
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that is what i want to hear and i hope and pray your right i have had a few rashes on my face and ulcers in my mouth .....If this things were happening because i contracted hiv wouldnt  it show up on a test its been about almost 2 weeks
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