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Teak - Some Genreal Questions - Testing

Hello Teak I have browsed the forum's for some time now and just registered now. I had a possible exposure a while ago and tested negative out to 4.5 months which according to you (and the doctors) is conclusive. Unless I do drugs or have something else with the immune system going on.

A few questions I have though that would help me get over a bit of anxiety I have. And I truly do believe knowledge is the best way to confront ignorance I know you usually just say you are negative that is all but these are questions I have.

1. You state the CDC recommends 3 month as conclusive, but when I read there website it doesn't state that am I looking at the wrong section? It says 97% test by 3 months (http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/testing/resources/qa/be_tested.htm)

2. I also read of a *confirmed* case where a women didn't test positive until 1 year after being exposed to HIV and HEP C @ the same time (http://www.aids.org/factSheets/102-HIV-Testing.html) under when I should get tested section. I'm sure you have heard of this, is there a reason she took so long to test positive? Was this do to PEP?

3. It has been said in this forum HIV is spread from unprotected oral/vag, drug, and mother to child. So then would it be technically impossible for two lesbians to spread HIV together if they don't do drugs??

Teak or any one else who answers these questions thank you so much for your time and educating a worried soul :)
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You don't fall in the 3% that needs to test out further. You're conclusively negative.
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Thank you so much!!! I sent you a message btw get back to me when you have the time :)
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