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Teak, others...ARS lasts how long?

I have a question about ARS...

I have been having headaches for about 5 weeks..constant headaches everyday. I also have had muscle and joint aches for that time as well. No fever that i know of during that time (at least not one that made me feel sick)

I had a possible exposure about 11 weeks ago...the aches started 6 weeks after that incident.

1. Does this sound like ARS?
2. Can ARS start this late?
3. Does ARS last this long?

Also I tested neg at 4 weeks and 8 weeks. Should I still be concerned?
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Most commonly, ARS start surfacing 3-5 weeks after exposure and may last one to two weeks. Only one or two symptoms mean nothing. Most significant indication is fever (101-104 F) with rashes and combined with one or more commonly listed symptoms. having all said that, many people do not develop and sysmptom and remain asymptomatic, though truly infected.

Therefore do not look for sysmptoms, more you are curious about them, more you will feel them,,, best thing is, get yourself tested  and good news is, your 8th week test is negative, highly encouraging, another final and conclusive test a week later and I am sure it will be negative, then just stop thinking about any ARS and back to normal,,,,,,, Good Luck pal
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Teak and anyone else... what do you know about the onset of ARS and how long they last?
Does 5 and a half weeks of headaches and muscle aches sound like ARS?
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You were never at risk, so whatever is going on with you is unrelated to HIV.
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acute retoviral syndrome starts 2-4 weeks after infection. average seroconvertion is 22 days and other will do so in 4 - 6 weeks mark. your 8 week negative is a excellent out come an expect a negative on the 13th week mark. your symptoms are not worrisome and not elated to ars. ars comes in a package deal all in one fever,rash etc etc. relax you'll be fine

regards BE COOL

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