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Terrified About HIV From Semen Toucing Fresh Bleeding Cut

Two days ago I gave an old man a hand job and he ejaculated on my hand. After returning home I saw that I had a small cut under my thumb which was having a little blood and ooze liquid. I don't know when I got this cut and I am not sure if his semen might have touched it. Now my mind is thinking the worst possibilities and I am going nuts thinking what if he might have directly ejaculated into this fresh bleeding cut. I don't know about the HIV status of this old man. Taking the worst case if his semen directly landed on my fresh bleeding cut and he being HIV + ve what are the chances of me being infected? Any detailed explanation is highly appreciated as I am going nuts thinking about the whole scene over and over again.
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Zero risk. HIV is not a worm that burrows into your blood. Also it is immediately inactivated in air so can't infect anyway otherwise everyone would get it from cuts and sports collisions. You would need deep gaping wounds (which you can't even get on your hands) with the virus thrust deeply into the wound to even have a theoretical risk..
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