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Terrified - Symptoms of AIDS

Can anyone help with why this is happening to me. I asked this question of the doctor in October 2012:


Basically, I went to the cinema with a diabetic woman, was sitting next to her and felt something go into my eye. This was at the same time as she was testing her blood sugar. I believe this may have been blood and I rubbed my eye stupidly instead of washing it out. I got a flu like illness 5 weeks later consistent with ARS. I never tested because I got reassurance from ppl and was afraid due to anxiety over this illness anyway. Now, in November 2014 I am having signs of AIDS. I have had an incredibly serious yeast infection (not diagnosed) (urgent care could not diagnose me at all or tell me what was wrong). However my symptoms are nausea, not eating three days, white tongue, and also vaginal yeast. It is clear it is this. I also took a candida medication and my symptoms are being relieved somewhat. Additionally I have a leukoplakia match on the side of my tongue. Both of these things it says online indicate AIDS. Can ppl give me their thoughts please? I am getting tested NOW.
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Thank you. The doctor did say I had one leukoplakia mouth sore. Also, my stomach has improved since taking the candida but I did take antibiotics a few weeks ago which I had a bad reaction to, so perhaps that has something to do with this.I will let you know my test result. I am really terrified but I will hold onto these reassurances. I did ask this girl about her status but she was rude and defensive. Do you not think this is a bad sign?
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Well after you get your negative result.  AND IT WILL BE NEGATIVE!!!  You can stop self diagnosing yourself.  Your anxiety will return more to normal and I promise you will want to EAT!  You are ASSUMING so many things in your post that just can't at all be possible.  First, and most important, the chances the lady you were sitting next to had HIV are so ASTRONOMICALLY LOW they would be practically non-existent IN MY OPINION ONLY!!!

As Dr. Hook explained you never had an exposure to begin with.  HIV is a fragile virus that cannot infect outside of the body. You would have a better chance at getting hit by lightning while reading my response than catching HIV in the manner you describe.  

As for all your symptoms I will bet the farm self diagnosis, and anxiety are almost CERTAIN to be the culprit.

Take care.
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