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Terrified for Weeks

Hi Doctors,
Thanks in advance. My situation may seem unlikely for leading to HIV, but I am an incredibly anxious person with a lot to lose. Please, if you can answer my questions related to symptoms, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been sick with fear for weeks now.
On Sept. 28 I went to a strip club. I remember pieces of the night, but not a thing after finally getting a lap dance. I remember going into the back with the girl, sitting down, and that’s it. All else I could remember was a piece of a thought involving a condom, and I can’t even process if that was reality or not. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but I have a history of doing very stupid things when I get that drunk and don’t learn about them until days later. I am happily married and have been horrified about what I may have done with one of the strippers after I blacked out. Since then I have seen numerous HIV symptoms, which are the source of my fear.
It all started with my mouth: At 9/10 days, a white sore on my top gums by my molars and a tiny ulcer on my tongue; at 17 days (and most days since), small white marks/bumps on my inner cheek that don’t hurt and I can almost move with my tongue (thrush??); at 21 days, small ulcers on the inside of front lip.
At 21 days I got diarrhea that lasted for two days. The other night (23 days in) I got a sore throat. The next day I woke up congested with thick yellow mucus and dark red marks/clusters of spots in the back of my mouth. The last two nights (24/25 days in) I noticed that the skin on the back part of both upper arms was a blotchy pinkish/purple-ish in color with small red dots at a closer look that was rough to the touch (rash??).
1. Are these symptoms of ARS/HIV (mouth sores/ulcers/white marks; sore throat/diarrhea, rash)?
2. Can it be that random that they would all happen in the window period?
3. I’m 2 days shy of 4 weeks. Is it too early to get tested? I am dying with fear and need closure.
Thank you, doctors.
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You need to address your relationship with alcohol.
Your "adventure" doesn't sound at all you had a risk.

Firstly...the girl is as much concerned about catching anything from you.
She is a professional and more than likely doesn't drink on the job!

If you were so drunk to not remember then you could not have maintained an erection to even be able to penetrate.
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1. NO.
2. If one has ARS the symptoms come on all at once not one here and on there.
3. 3 months post exposure is when you can obtain your conclusive negative test result.
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Do you guys know what the most common ARS symptoms are? And if my sore throat was immediately followed by congestion, stuffy nose, etc, does that make ARS be more or less likely? The mouth ulcers/sores have been my biggest concern. I know my story is a different one; just a very anxious/worrisome person.

Thanks to both of you.
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Not ars. High fever is the most prominent symptom.
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Very high fevers body rash sore throat
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What about the dark red (almost purple) blotches in the back/top of my mouth, near the tonsils? Does anyone know if that is related to ARS? These came on shortly after the sore throat.
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