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Test 3 month after finishing PEP ( 4 month after exposure)

Hi there. In September 2018 I had an protected sex with a sex worker which unfortunately the condom broke and I came inside her. I took pep (TRUVADA plus TIVICAY) 4 hours after the incident for 28 days. I took HIV RNA test and HIV RAPID test 3 month after I finished PEP ( In June 2019) and the result for both was negative. Now in the month of March I have a bad flue which Ring the bell for me for repeating the test 6 month after exposure. How accurate my result was? DO I still need to take the test because it was not 6 month after PEP?
I really appreciate it.
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Your test was 100% conclusive.  No experts recommend testing after 6 months anymore.  Three months post-PEP is fully sufficient to ensure that you do not have HIV.  Whatever is causing your flu has nothing to do with HIV.  People get flu all the time and do not have HIV.

Forget about HIV and move on - you do NOT have HIV.
Thank you very much for your respond. I was getting nervous, but after reading your comment, I have peace of mind now. Appreciate that.
And I took my test in January 2019. I made mistake on my question. I took the test in January 2019.
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1. Your risk was substantially low for PEP, an experienced HIV specialist wouldn't recommend you PEP for your risk.

2. You have tested at the correct time frame post PEP for a conclusive antibody test result. You have tested negative. You do not need any further testing.

3.  Your undetected RNA PCR is a solid indicator that there was no viral genetic matter found in your body, RT RNA PCRs are hypersensitive tests, theoretically, they can start detecting 72 hours post infection.  

4. I am confident that you have already read a lot online and the only reason you are coming here to describe your symptom is because you are most likely doubting delayed sero-conversion. Be assured that is not the case with you, unless you are on chemotherapy, had an organ transplant or a body part was amputated lately.

You are home safe. Please see your doctor for your ailments. You have nothing to worry about any more.
Really apprecite your respond Mike. Means a lot that people like you and others care about us who are nervous and give us a true comment. Thanks and god bless.
And By the way Mike, I took the test in January 2019. I wrote June mistakenly.
Yes, nothing changes. I realized it then it was a typo. It's time to move on for you.
Again thank you. I appreciate your time and support.
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