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Test Results

Hi All,

I got tested for HIv about start of 8th week of exposure, and below are the results.

HIV 1/0/2 Abs - ICMA
HIV 1/0/2 Abs-index value <1.00    <1.00
Index value: specimen reactivity relative to negative cut off
HIV 1/0/2  Abs Qual.     non reactive

What does this result indicate. Do I have to go for further testing at 12 weeks.

My exposure: cunnilingus, kissing and fingering couple strippers at a club, all of them were on the same day, cunnilingus was very brief probably 10-30 seconds each.
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You had no risk
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Thanks Vance, what does the result say? And for the type of result I took, at what duration it would be conclusive? I am asking this for general information purpose not with respect any single exposure.
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So this type of test is conclusive at 8 weeks for any kind of exposure? And no further testing is required even the exposure is unprotected vaginal? Can I resume unprotected sex with my wife?  You know anxiety is killing me.
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Read the 1st answer I gave you
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Thanks Vance
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tested with oraquick gum swab home kit on 14th and 15th weeks of exposure, both came back negative. can i consider these as conclusive? I did these tests to ease my mind. can oraquick consider as conclusive or do i need a lab test.
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Read what you have been advised.
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Your advise was i was to no risk, but for my mind and anxiety, i got tested, and seeking reassurance from you guys that the tests are conclusive. You guys do a great job in providing good advises and make people get out of anxiety.
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Ok then you got your answer
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hey vance,

i posted the same question in aidsvancover forum before i posted here and their response was pretty late, i just got the response as below, as per them i have to get retested. why is this so conflicting.

It sounds like you're concerned about a sexual experience you had and your HIV test results.

None of the exposures you had can be considered to be a high risk. Cunniligus is a low risk of HIV, kissing presents no risk of acquiring HIV, and fingering has only a negligible risk. Negligible means that HIV is unlikely to be transmitted this way and there has never been a reported case in British Columbia. So the exposure you had is low risk at most, and your risk is even reduced if you are in good health and have no other STI's.

For the most conclusive results it is recommended to take an HIV at 12 weeks after exposure. The test you took at 8 weeks is a good indicator but I would recommend getting another test at 12 weeks to be sure. At home testing kits (like Oraquick) are not recommended for accurate results because it is quite easy to do the test wrong and get false results. My recommendation would be to get another test at a clinic to be sure.
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Well, did you do the test right and follow directions?
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Oraquick is an accurate test.  They just don't use them in Canada.  If it was not accurate, it would not be FDA approved and on the market.
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I followed th instructions as per the booklet, i tested twice just for my assurance and both werw negative. do i really need to get my blood tested again?
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You can if you want.

If you follow the directions correctly, you'll receive an accurate result
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thanks james, but as per sites stance test wasnt even necessary, do you agree with that, as per my exposure?
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Yes, a test was not necessary.  But, realistically speaking, I know you have anxiety and are going to test anyway.
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i am still not yet in the mood of getting tested again, what are the poasibilities of result changing to positive from negative(at 8 weeks) now which is about 17 weeks?  did you ever hear such cases of result changing after 12 weeks?
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No chance
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