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Test Results

I just want to give a quick run down of all my test results...TEAK, Chris, Shadow, etc. please give me an honest opinion.  I won't bore you w/ all my symptoms but there have been a lot and some very similar to ARS.
2wks- HIV anti-neg; RNA Real Time PCR-unable to detect <48copies
4wks-HIV anti-neg
6wks-HIV anti-neg
9Wks-HIV anti-neg; RNA Real Time PCR-unable to detect <48 copies
All the test have been done through Labcorp-not sure if this matters.  I don't know for sure if the RNA tests are overly accurate for diagnosing, but I did get them done.
I really need closure that I'm fine and do plan on getting my 3 mo anti test in 3 wks.
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RNA are not stand alone tests and must be backed up with an antibody test.
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I know, but is it encouraging that the RNA test have been "untectable"  I've read a lot of different info on this?

Also, I read ur response regarding the ICMA tests from labcorp.  I've been having the same tests.  My doc ordered an Elisa test and they run these instead.  Are they better or same?  I'd like that Labcorp would use the best technology out there but maybe I'm wrong.
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interesting, i won't worry about the accuracy, it sounds like it is as good as elisa
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100% and 99.9% seem pretty good, thanks chris
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