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I had something very odd happen today in regards to the rapid HIV test. I went to Planned Parenthood, which I would have assumed uses the latest medical tests....and the rapid test they had at the location I went to was the Chembio Sure Check 3rd generation test. The nurse working acted like I was being a hypochondriac when I told her I wanted her to take my blood for the blood draw instead. This was my first time using PPH for this....but I'm disappointed that the most up-to-date test was not used in the facility. She actually tried to tell me that chembio test is a 4th gen test!! I ended up taking the test, along with the blood draw. I hope to God they at least use the latest technology for that. Anyone else ever experience this? How accurate is chembio test? I'm at 13 weeks past exposure.
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ANY test - whether 3rd or 4th generation - is conclusive by, at the maximum, 12 weeks.  So your 13 week test is conclusive and you do not have HIV.
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What was your risk, oral, anal or vaginal and did you use a condom?
I'm a female. No condom. Vaginal.

I'm confused on the 3 and 6 month testing.....why do some sites still promote 6 months or state that people can take longer than 3 months to produce detectable antibodies? Planned Parenthood is one of those sites.
I don't  know why some sites are out of date.  No expert recommends testing beyond 3 months.
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