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Test after 3 months

I had two protected vaginal sex ( I am a male) with the same prostitutes around 4 months back. She had performed oral sex (protected) on me. I did not check the condoms after the sex though have a faint memory that they were intact. That was the only doubt I had in mind and it was killing me. In terms of symptoms, I had a fever on day 5 which lasted for two days. I had a bit of a sore throat in the third week. An itchy rash in week 7. No loss of appetite. No swollen glands. I had the so-called tongue-coating problem and a general feeling of less well-being.I was sure that I had hiv for sure.

On week 9.5, I was tested for chlamydia, HBV, HCV, syphilis and no gohorrea test because I had no discharge so far today. I tested for all of the above except syphilis, for which I am still waiting the result and it's been 55 days. So may be it is negative. I haven't heard back from the doc's office.

After many fearful nights, I mustered up the courage and went for a rapid HIV test. The result was negative and my life changed from that day. The test was done around 3.75 months after the possible exposure.

My questions:
1. The nurse told me that it is 95% accurate? Does that mean I have to re-test after 6 months?
2. Are blood Rapid tests as accurate as other standard HIV tests?
3. Can it be a false negative?
4. Can I move on and have a regular physical relation with me wife?
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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Does that mean that test is 100% and nurse was wrong?
Do I test after six months?
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1.You never had a risk and that nurse doesn,t know what she,s talking about.For someone that had a genuine risk 3.75 months is 100% conclusive and FFS there is no 6 month window period. 2.YES 3.NO 4.YES,go for it.You can,t give her a virus you don,t have yourself.You can reduce the HCV window period if you have a HCV RNA by PCR,just ask DR Sean Cummings about this fact.All the best.
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WHat is HCV? Hepatitis C?
I got tested at 9. 5 weeks and it was negative.
Do I need to test for HBV and HCV again after 3 or 6 months?

Thanks for your help all.

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YES,HCV Is HEP C and the window period is 6 Months if you have an antibody test,If you have the HCV RNA by PCR you may be able to confirm a conclusive result alot earlier,However i very much doubt you were ever exposed to HCV or HIV at all.I think MR Guilt man is paying you a visit and causing all this anxiety.I really don,t know who suggested all these tests for a zero risk exposure.
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This is not the HCV forum. All other questions have to be posted in the correct forum.

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Please post your HBV and HCV questions in the respective communities here at medhelp where you will receive expert advice.There are some really good answerers there who will provide excellent information to you.All the best.
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