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Test doubt

Hello all, i had three exposures 26 days ago all was protected but i was heavily drunk i didn't even check for condoms after sex. Now i worry about hiv. Tomorrow is 27th day i plan to get tested 4th gen. What's the reliability of this test after 27 days? I'm also worry about false positive, what is the chance of getting false positive.. I don't have any medical problem..i heard that steroids can affect the results.. i use some protein supplements i don't know it contains steroids or not.. pls reply thank u in advance
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1. What does this mean, did you use a condom?
2 Did you forgot to check if it was ok afterwards?   " i didn't even check for condoms after .."
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Sorry my English is weak, i used condom , YES i forgot to check. I was on drunk in that night
If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters. If it has ripped like that, it hangs from the ring which makes it difficult to take off. There is no need for close inspections. It seems that you are ok.
My company will conduct medical test this week if i get positive for hiv everyone will know my status. Thats why i plan get tested before company medical.. I'm going thru a serious anxiety and guilty,
Is it 100% sure hiv can transmit thru a comdom? I googled I got mixed reviews also my doctor says it's not 100% safe
You can't get hiv when you used a condom unless it was lambskin, which is expensive and hard to find nowadays. If you saw a csw they would never use lambskin because they are protecting themselves from you. A duo is conclusive after 28 days but you are negative so you might as well wait for your company to do the negative test.
If your doctor says condoms are not safe, you need to consider seeing another one. Though, I highly doubt any doctor would say some thing so inappropriate. It is safe.

You were told by AnxiousNoMore that you didn't posses any risk. Condom breakages don't have to be guessed, you will know it for sure if you break it. It will be inevitably visible.

If guilt is your problem please address it correctly, don't beat your self up with self induced HIV scare. You are confusing two different emotions and thinking irrationally. Again, protein supplement and steriods are two different things. You seem to be paranoid, quit reading online, you are clearly misinterpreting the information you are consuming.

This is an HIV forum and you seem to be actually suffering from anxiety / hypochondria, we can't support you with that. Please see a therapist for your irrational fears. You might want to check with the anxiety forum of this website, you might get some temporary help.
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