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Test percentage regarding Antibody(ELISA)

does any one know the percenatge about antibody test during and after onset ARS symptoms.

For instance, Mr.A got symptoms and recovered , and he got a standard antibody test shortly , how do you find this test? reliable?

During ARS onset, is that possible to detetect the antibody by ELISA?

from the studies, ARS and window period are more and less in the same frame. antibody is something to prevent the illness from HIV virus, so, i would say ARS symptoms onset, the body begin to produce the antibody till enough to be detected by test. what do you think ,guys? how long for producing enough antibody by 3rd generation test after ARS onset or gone?
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3 months would be the conclusive test.
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do u agree with ARS illness means antibody producing in the same frame?
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If it were true ARS, yes, because antibody replication is what is causing ARS. You are seroconverting. Meaning you are going from negative to positive. But you would not have enough antibodies at that time for the tests to pick up and you would get an untrue negative result. Like I've told you before you will not know if symptoms are from ARS until you reliably test positive for HIV. That is the reason you can not tell if someone is positive or not by symptoms. You been told all of this at least 25 times and enough is enough.
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you dont really think 3rd generation ELISA very sensitive to catch the antibody?

i think in most developed nations, they have very good machine to perform the test.
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If there is not enough antibodies to pick up on the test then the analyzer is going to kick out a negative. Like I've told you time and time again there is not a test that says it's reliable at less than 12/13 weeks that is an antibody test. You can get a result with P24 or PCR RNA but they are not stand alone tests. They will still need to be confirmed by an antibody test. No more questions on this you've been told to many times already.
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