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Test results from blood donation??

Hi, I feel very dumb first of all, but here is my question.

I'm 25, gay male. Six weeks ago, i hooked up with a guy online. He is 24. We had safe sex, i was insertive partner, however the condom broke briefly for maybe 3-4 minutes. It was only the tip that broke so i didn't realize it for awhile.

I thought nothing of this incident because my partner told me he was in a monogamous relationship and had only had one sex partner prior to me, for a total of two partners. further he stated he was tested 1 month prior to our meeting, together with his boyfriend. both were neg.

Here is the kicker. I really did not take my exposure too seriously, in fact i donated blood to the Red Cross yesterday, my first time giving blood.

During the procedure, i was asked all sorts of questions and i answered them all, totally not thinking of the fact that i just had a risky exposure.

Now i am afraid i did something very stupid that could put others at risk. I called my partner, he was very angry at the suggestion that he might not have been honest about his HIV status. Basically i am pretty sure he would not lie, and if he is not lying, there is very little chance that he somehow is mistaken about something as important as his HIV status.

I know the Red cross performs antibody and something called nucleic acid test (NAT?).

So my questions are:

1. Should I call them to warn them about this exposure? it really did not occur to me that i had seriously been at risk until i saw a newspaper headline about AIDS.

2. Because the Red cross tests all units of donated blood, if they do not contact me about my donation, can i assume they tested the blood and it was negative? I intend to get tested on my own, but i wasn't going to do that until my next physical in April.

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1. Yes you should contact them.
You never use the blood bank to test your blood plus you are ineligible to donate blood and you should have known by read the questionnaire.
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While you certainly should not "test the system" by donating blood after a possible exposure, the Red Cross uses two methods to test all donated blood.

They look for antibodies as well as the actual virus. Thus there is just about no chance that infected blood will reach the bank. If you test positive (to ANY virus, including west nile and several other dangerous ones), you will be notified confidentially.

you should get a rapid test done if you are concerned and inform the blood bank.
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