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a few years ago I became pregnant and went in for my first dr visit.I got tested for 'everything' including HIV. The doctor told me well, if we have any problems we'll let you know otherwise we'll see you in a week. Well, in that week I was out of town and had a miscarriage. I never made it back for my Dr appt. When I had a follow up appt (I went to a different Dr this time), I asked to be screened for STD's since I never got my previous results. The new Dr. told me that if I was HIV positive (or positive for anything for that matter) the old Dr would of contacted me as soon as I didn't show up for my second appt. I still got tested for regular STD's (not HIV) and everything was negative. A week or so after my follow up appt with the new Dr my old Dr's office called me. The receptionist asked if I was okay since she saw I never made it back. I told her I was, then she said "well, since you're okay than I guess we can close your file." I asked her, "Is that it? Do you need to tell me anything else?" She said, "Well, if you're okay, and already had a follow-up then I that's it." I always assumed this meant all my inital test results came back negative. My question is: is it possible that my HIV test (with the first Dr) was positive and they just didn't tell me about it? If it were positive wouldn't they have to call me?
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youre hiv negative. your last test confirmed it. and yes they would have told you to come in if you were positive.
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Well the second test I had with the '2nd' doctor reassured me I didn't need to get an HIV test because the first doctor would have contacted me. I didn't have health insurance at the time so I got tested for  STD's, but not HIV with the new Dr for my own piece of mind. Those results were negative. Maybe I am just being silly, but the first DR would of for sure had to contact me if I were positive right?
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yes someone would have calld u but it will be more beneficial if u knew for sure. Give the a call. Its better to kno for sure
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