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Test results


I haw a question about my test result. I'm a 35 year old guy

In Nov 2007, I went to a female CSW in hong kong and had protected oral and fingered her a little. No intercourse at all.

I was very worried afterwards and got the following tests, when I was back in the US

- 20 days: oraquick in NYC and NAT that both came up negative. NY health services said the NAT was good at 16 days post exposure
- 30 days, I had a DNA PCR with Lab Corp and was also negative
- 2 month and 3 month: had oraquick tests in NY were also negative

So I sort of put it behind me. Then I moved to Hong Kong

In the mean time, no exposure at all as I have not had sex with anyone.

At 18 months, tested HIV 1/2 ab combo in hong kong and was negative

Then a year ago, at 30 months, I was in China and had a quick HIV test at a doctor's officebut it came slightly positive. I was shocked and so quickly returned to HK and had a HIV immuno fluorescence test done at a very reputable hospital, and it came back negative. They said this is like western blot so

The doctor told me not to worry bc the test says I am ok, negative.

Should I get retested again? It is now 41 months but somehow i started worrying again? Did I have risks to begin with?

I know it might be my mind that is running like mad. But can use your advice. Thank you so much.

- at 18 months, had a  
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You never had a risk to begin with and never required testing for hiv.You wasted all that time and worry for nothing.Anyway the main thing for you is that your safe.All the best.
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Hope this helps
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Thank you for your advice and caring thoughts.  I don't know why but I have been worrying a lot about this in the last 2-3 days, and for no good reason.

Just now I went to the hospital where I had my last HIV test (1 and 2 a/b combo with P24) and requested a hard copy of the negative test result.  It made me feel better to see it in writing, to know that it's real, however irrational this is.

Logically I know there was no risk, and so I am negative and do not need to test. but somehow my mind keeps racing.

So at the hospital, I also asked to see a doctor and requested referral for mental health help.  Will try to see doctors there in the next few days. In the mean time, I will stop visiting all the sites to try to dig up information.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts. I know I don't need to retest, and instead need to get help.  Will stay away now ...
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