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Test to be done

I had protected sex with a csw... And then i started pep after 42 hours... Completed pep and then tested blood by hiv duo combo test means hiv 1/2 antigrn antibody test at 31 days after exposure and hiv rna pcr test at 31 days...
Still feeling sick, lack of strength, weakness but no fever diarrhea etc. The test report for both test came back hiv negative.
Should i test further with viral load test?
I hav read somewhere that pep will effect the report and one must test after 28 days after completion of pep...
Plz guide
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Protected sex is safe sex,which never warrant a hiv test at all.
you never had a risks to start with.
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I think the condom got broke so did the test...  Do pep will effect the report and one must test after 28 days after completion of pep???
Your Dec 23 thread was also about your fear  so you need to move on. You were advised that the condom worked. Not sure why you are asking this again.
Becoz i m having severe weakness or fatigue, no fever and some 3-4 dots white scaly rash behind my ear... Plz guide
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You didn't need PEP. You didn't need any of these tests, none of the test evaluation applies to you because you were and still HIV Negative. There was ZERO risk from this incident. You can't assume condom breakages, if it fails, it is evident, you would have certainly known about it.

You went a little too far with this obsession, I am not sure how did a doctor really prescribe you PEP in evaluation of your incident.

Your fears are irrational and it is clearly seeming that you are just afraid of having sex to avoid contracting HIV, stop beating your self for just having sex, sex is natural human tendency and each time you have sex wouldn't require this ordeal. You need to see a therapist to correct your thought process.  There is either an underlying emotion or just the fear of the disease that's causing this, what ever it is, you should consider working with a professional.

Your answers are not here, since you can't get HIV from what you've mentioned. Please seek help for your irrational thoughts and obsessive behaviour.

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