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Tested HIV negative at about 6 weeks but...

My situation: after a bad break up I decided to medicate my self with sex. I didn't care with who, just as long as I felt good.  In the month of january i slept with four different men. Number one and I had sex once fully protected and never called him again. Number two was fully unprotected,(I know WTF was I thinking), about the end of january.had sex with him on  about 2 occations, still in touch but no sex since Jan 2011 with him. Number three protected but the condom slipped off  during, then we put anothr on and continued,had sex with him on two occasions but no sex since the middle of feb. Number four protected. of the four men I slept with with in a 2-4 week period, With three out of the four I used a condom.   Out of the remaining 3 men the condom slipped off with one. Immidately after sex with the fully unprotected guy I felt nauseous. In feb about 3 weeks later, had sores in my vigina, and they cleared up, then I got a sore throat then I got a cold, sore muscles stuffy runny nose slight fever. Since feb I have been having loose stool about 2 times per day some days nothing then most other  days ( usually after I think about number two)  I'm on the toilet. I went to the walk in clinic tested for STD  and preganacy mouth swab all in feb: all negative except BV. Got the meds for that. On a daily basis I have loose stool, stiff neck, some what swollen groin lymph nodes not rested enough, was sweaty when I got the flu  for a few nights ( but it could have been from the three blankets I sleep with), headache daily, back pain are my symtoms. So on march 9 th  2011 I tested negative for HIV, that would have been around week 6, but I still have all those symptoms and I know I'm at risk. Today I found a flaky rash on the insides of my thighs close to my anus.  It's not looking good for me. Is it possible to have hiv symtoms and test negative? I'll be testing again next month. Please pray for me, I don't want this diease. Getting nauseous just thinking about it.
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It was a nice preview, but your conclusive test result will be at 3 months post-exposure. And if the symptoms still persist by then, then they don't have anything to do with HIV.
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Thanks... But that would be a mighty coincide!!
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Very unlikely to change at 12 weeks.
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I guess I won't have peace of mind until then.
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Your 6 week test is highly reassuring and very unlikely change until you have your conclusive test. I know you dont have peace of mind these days because of your unprotected exposure,,,
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Ars rash does not start at six weeks. The rash also includes fever in most cases, rash is not HIV related. Also the rash is generalized, not localized
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Thanks all but today I now have two milky white spots on my upper left gum line. And I believe another yeast infection. It may not be thrush but it's not likely. Going to the doc today, I'm trying to be in a better mood but I don't want when april roles around and I get bad news to be in total shock.
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Thank you for taking the time to comment.
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i feel your anxiety as i am in the same sitch as you. i had what all on this site call "no risk" (unpro oral, pro vaginal) at end of jan. tested at 6 weeks neg, but all along have been a mental wreck and been experiencing several symptoms just as you (soreness in various places, night sweats mild a few nights, a few canker sores, white on tongue that brushes off but doesnt seem to be thrush) i have literally gone to dr weekly every time something crops up. all dr think i am (and prob u too) are mentally punishing ourselves. stress has tremendous bad effects on all body systems, esp immune system. your allowing belief you have it to effect your body (i am too) loose stools, sores, yeast inf constant headaches can all be caused by stress and anxiety. this comes straight from my docs who are assuring me my 12 week will be as neg as 6 week. man i hope so but just like you i cant help but let bad thoughts take over, can these symptoms really be from stress its hard to believe but if true maybe we'll be ok and have learned a valuable lesson.
take it one day at a time try to keep mind busy, that is what im trying but as you see im on this site along with you so im not listening to my docs or my own advice.
hang in there i bet we will both be fine, and stronger at the end of this.
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6 weeks negative is a great result for both of you with today,s more modern testing.It should give you both great confidence on the way to 3months conclusive testing.All the best.
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Lol, hearing you sound just like me makes me think I'm crazy, and is some reassuring....but that doubt and what if's creep in like what do the doc really. I've been watching YouTube videos of HIV pos people, and freaking myself out more, . ( don't do this, or search for pic of HIV related skin conditions you will immediately be on the toilet) but the strength I've witnessed in those videos in them is amaizing.I pray we are both remain negative. Lesson learned.
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Thank you, so much I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.
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Lesson learned is an understatement. Yeah i think I'll stay away vids thanks.
Just a few more weeks and hopefully this nightmare will be over.
Good luck
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Just an up date, of course I couldn't wait until April 20 toget tested again, got my results yesterday. HIV negative. I think I'm crazy cause all those symptoms were caused by stres. Wow the mind truly is a powerful thing.
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How are you now?
Similar condition but I am at week 7.5 now.
Wat is your new test result?
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