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Tested positive for antibody to HIV&p24 but indeterminate western blot

Dear community,
Last week I have received HIV result as being positive to antibody to HIV and p24. The western blot confirmation came as indeterminate. I am really anxious and depressed as I already submitted another sample of my blood for further testing but haven't received anything. I don't know where to go or what to do. The more I wait the more I get stressful and anxious, I eat little and hardly go out as I used to be. Not since the first result. For your information, I haven't had unprotected sex for the last 6 years. However, I did have sex with more than three women. I have always checked condoms after sex. I wash or shower just after I'm done with sexual intercourse. Never took any drugs or shared needle or nail clipper. My question is how likely that the result is really true positive outcome? What about that indeterminate WB? I'm really confused. People with knowledge about these things please enlighten me. I am looking to reading all your answers.
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You never had sex without a condom?
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False positives are rare but they do happen. Expect your next result to be negative because it will be.
Thank you for your response B23121
But what worries me is the notion on  that paper the doctor handed me!!i it states that I am HIV positive for  initial screening assay for antibody and p24. It also states that  CONFIRMSTION: indeterminate WB.  
Please if you could elaborate more on this?
Anyone that could give further explanation will be highly appreciate!
I meant to say CONFIRMATION,, sorry
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First I have a few questions, because if your story is true you are a very unlucky person to get a false positive and next to that an indeterminate WB. But then a new test would give you a negative result! (why haven't you called for the situation on the latest test?)

1) why did you test recently?
2) Did you really haven't had any unprotected sex of IV drug use after your negative test 3 years ago?
3) why did you do the test 3 years ago? and if you had a risk before that test was the test done outside of the window stage?
4) Why did you take the recent HIV test if your last test was 3 years ago and was negative?

These questions because:
1) unprotected vaginal sex eventhough it's a risk, it's not a high risk like anal sex. Also you mentioned you only have done one unprotected act, so that's also lowering the chance of being infected. (because not many hetero people are infected compared to MSM)
2) eventhough you haven't had any unprotected sex for 6 years and you did a hiv test 3 years ago which was negative.(everyone would have produced antibodies by then). If the new test would be positive and if they confirm you would be really positive (which I really doubt with the information from you I have) this would mean the risk have been after your test 3 years ago or the risk was too close before your test 3 years ago.(window period)

Indeterminate WB happens:
1) there is an interference in your blood, like other virusses which also produce proteins and with the testing makes a faint line on certain patterns so that they can't make out if the lines are truely because of the HIV protiens or not.
2) within window period, so the infection is very recent.

Elisa false positive happens also once in a while, because they are so sensitive for the P24 protiens and also for the antibodies.


Hi, and thank you for taking time to write about my concerns.
1- I did the test for immigration reasons.  And since the only actual unprotected sexual act I had I was tested twice April 2009 and didn't have any sex since then. And then I was required to be tested for HIV to travel to another country which I did back in August 2012.
2- since then  I have been performing safe sex always not. Not once without condom. I don't take any drugs or share needles I don't even drink so to assume I didn't know what I was doing.
I always check condoms expiry date before wearing and also checking them after  sexual intercourses. The only thing I'm not sure of is if those hiv status of those women I had sex with.
3- the recent test was taken also for immigration purposes which came positive antibody to hiv and p24.. Confirmation : indeterminate wb.

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Just to add I want to add a link from the expert forum:


As you can see the HIV professional Dr. Hunter is reasuring the questioner about having a postive ELISA result and indeterminate WB, but afterwards the result is Negative. and saying that if it's indeterminate WB in most cases the person is not infected.
Thank you Kasper1978
Sample of of blood has been sent to further testing. It's been a week today. I have not been eating or sleeping well. My stress and anxiety amounted. Very annoyed and feel like my body aches all over. I broke down in my car crying(Parked) many times. I haven't felt anything prior to the doctors call about reviewing my informing me about my result of first test. Is there a possibility that I have developed some sort of symptoms related to my stress and anxiety?
Once again thanks a million for your time and prompt responses
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If you've taken all these precautions and oral sex was their only activity of "risk", so I think it is a false positive. When will you do another test? and
How long is your last sexual intercourse ?
I did another test last Thursday, which is a week today.  Last sexual intercourses was 20 days ago!
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with the information from the expert forum, I'm convinced that if you really only did protected the other times you will be fine.

I can imagine your stress ful period and my thoughts are with you.
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