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Hello, I'm a young woman who had an affair (as in a casual thing) with a man I met at work. We met up a few times, never had penetrative sex (since I'm not comfortable with that unless I have strong feelings for the other person), and we would stick to kissing and oral. As he did on me, I perfomed oral on him several times WITHOUT protection, most of the time he would "come" in my mouth and at least three or four times I swallowed his semen.
Some weeks ago he tested positive for HIV and calle me to give me the news. I tested right away, around 3 weeks after our last encounter (in which I DID swallow) and it came out negative. They told me it was still to early to tell and to come back at 6 weeks after my last encounter. This was today, I took a regular antibody only test which also came back negative. My doctor said it was good since I was low risk and and that I didn't need further teting. Then, after I asked him if this was conclusive even if my sexual partner had recently tested positive for HIV and assuming he was in a very infectious stage, he changed his face and advised me to test at 9 weeks and then again at 12 weeks for conclusive results.
I also did a screening for other STDs at week 3 with my first HIV test, and I came out positive for Chlamydia, which was succesfully treated with antibiotics.

My questions are:

1. Why did the dr change his mind? (doesn't he have to advice the same procedure to every case?)

2. Did Chlamydia put me at a higher risk of contracting HIV?

3. I used braces for a long time when I was younger and still wear retainers at night, they changed them some time ago and my gums were swollen and bled easily for some days (one of which I performed oral sex), would this also increase my chances of catching HIV? (Specially since I had brushed my teeth like 10-15 minutes prior to the encounter and bled a little.)

4. IF he (my sexual partner) had any sort of lesion in his mouth, would that also have put me at a higher risk when he perfomed oral on me?

5. When will I be able to trust my results?

Also I should add that I've had no symptoms whatsoever.
Thank you in advance for your input on my situation.
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You never had a risk of contracting HIV from oral sex.
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Not even in regards to having Chlamydia or sores in my gums/tongue/mouth?
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Not even if.
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Well, that's a relief.
So I assume no further testing is needed?
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No you do not need testing.
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I said in not trying to argue I'm here because I'm curious I'm here to listen and ask questions I jus wanted to kno how u guys kno so much about it that your answers are 100%
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Thanks Teak, I'm relieved there's this type of access to experts.

barry56, I trust the experts. I think Medhelp is a reputable site and I doubt people would be giving false information or advice on such a well known platform. The doctors on here are well known. Hope this perspective helps you listen to their advice; when we're not familiarized with something it's difficult to know wheter the information we're given is right or not, or if it's actual or outdated. I surely believe what this people are talking about.

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You're welcome.
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