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Testing After PEP

Hello I was unfortunately a victim of sexual assault around May of last year. There was brief penetration. I took PEP for 30 days (threw up two doses in between) and after PEP I took a RNA test 13 days post PEP and a 4th generation Ag/Ab test 41 days post PEP. Both were negative. Now after 6 months I took another test yesterday and my results are taking longer than usual to arrive. What do you guys think? Was my negative test at 41 days conclusive?
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I'm sorry - that really stinks in so many ways.
The good news is that you are conclusively negative for HIV.  The amount of time it takes to get results isn't indicative of HIV status, and with both your 13-day post-PEP RNA being negative PLUS your negative Ag/Ab test, you can be assured that you don't have HIV.  
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Thank you this is reassuring! My negative Ag/Ab test was completed at 41 days post PEP to be clear or rather on the 42nd day without PEP. This is still conclusive?
Also when I say 42nd say without PEP I mean I took PEP for 30 days. On the 42nd day after completing it, I took the test. So it was 41 FULL days after PEP but technically the 42nd day after it.
You don't need any additional testing. Your latest test will come back negative, since you already tested conclusively negative. Hopefully this will help you move on.
Thank you and this is taking into consideration the delay PEP has on seroconversion? Again both my tests were taken after my last dose at 13 days post pep for rna and 41 days post pep for Ag/Ab
The advice was straightforward. Reread about "your latest"because there WAS nothing left to consider.
Thank you I was asking about my 41 day post PEP results though and if it took a into consideration the delay PEP has because I have yet to receive the results of my latest test which I just took yesterday
You should reread all of the advice because you don't understand it very well. The answer conclusively means there are no relevant questions to ask.
The answer "conclusively" meant there are no relevant questions to ask.
Ok thank you I just wanted to be sure the fact that I took PEP was considered when saying my 41 day post pep ag/ab test was conclusive. I already took the 6 month post pep test however so regardless I’m waiting on those results as well.  
You should reread all of the advice because you don't understand it very well, even though it has been explained a few times. You should have move on at this point, instead of posting about what is now a purposeless test - which was explained to you by Curfew.
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