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Testing Question

Okay here is my story.. I had a few unprotected encounters in my younger days.  I got pregnant and was tested in the middle of my pregnancy for all STDs including HIV. (Elisa HIV 1 and 2 Combo Antibodies). NEGATIVE for everything. I had my baby and moved on with my life. I recently got out of a relationship with a guy after finding out he cheated on me. He got tested (over 3 months exposure) for everything and was negative. I have been having weird symptoms lately (yeast..sore throat) and have convinced myself that either my test was wrong or his was wrong. Is this possible? I am going to get tested but am hoping for some advice in the meantme. From what I have read on the dr forum's HIV is rare in white non IV drug users. Anyone have any advice? My test was done in 2007..did the 3 month rule apply then? Were tests as accurate then? Thanks!
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Yes it was valid for 3 months in 2007. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Since this guy cheated on you test 3 months after last unprotected exposure with him.
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Thanks! He was tested 3 months after cheating but just to be on the safe side I am getting tested this week. Thanks again.
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