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Testing Window

How did the 3 month widow come about?
   when i was at the clinic yesterday the nurse told me, unlike my situation,that almost all people who test positive cannot pinpoint their time of exposure. And that symptoms vary. And almost most of the positive are high risk groups.  What really freaked me out was when she told me how she's seen a 3 month NEG turn POS. ANd she's been at the job for 6 months. So how did they ever get 3 month conclusive?
    I'm starting to get concerned. I was ok for awhile but now i'm putting info together.
   Nobody can tell anyone's status here on-line all you can give is your opinion. 6 weeks out i got a NEG. but 4 weeks out my glands under my chin starting swelling my saliva flow has decreased alot.
   I read from sites as Mayoclinic and various other info based web sites including dental sites.
  Most state that dry mouth and decreased saliva gland function and Leukoplakia "may be one of the 1st symptoms of HIV infection".  i know your gonna say symptoms don't mean a thing. But you can't just keep telling people that it's all in their heads.
   Right now i feel pretty bad i thought my 6 wk would be helpful but it hasn't been.
    You know I've heard this from more than one person with risk exposure.

Here is something I found here frome "house24" that you might recall  I copied and pasted it.

What's your opinion. I'm having some odd problems with my mouth that several docs can't explain. It's thick, white, pastey saliva.Sometimes no saliva at all. When I spit it looks like milk. My mouth feels like a dumpster for whatever is going on in my body. This goes along with abdominal pain and severe diarrhea. My saliva issue makes it very hard to speak or even eat. This doesn't sound HIV related does it? I had a negative HIV test 4 months after unprotected vaginal and anal sex.}  

Now that's not me saying that but it could be for I have the same white dumpster mouth as he describes.

I'm no doctor but i know my own body something is going on here and i just don't like the timing of it at all.
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* Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusive negative results or a no-risk situation will be based up the criteria MedHelp’s doctors. Action will be taken as follows:
    * After excessive posting, a warning will be issued by MedHelp
    * Continuing to post regarding the negative result / no risk situation will result in a 3 day suspension
    * Continuing to post upon your return will result in a permanent ban.

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.. I don't have a conclusive....just read what i have to say that's all..i'ts all based on facts.

I've been to 3 clinics talked to  std counselors so i do have some knowledge.

so talk to me please
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re-read the guidelines.  that also includes excessive posting for a NON RISK situation.

move on...
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I don't know where you get your info from but, there's always a risk i was told yesterday at the clinic..no matter how small...i don't want to argue...

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I read your profile so you do have knowledge..you have to agree with the counselors that there always a risk right?...and like i said  i know my body something about this isn't right.......seems like you only hear what you want
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what you can do is inform me and not belittle me
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you have been "informed".  now you're being reported.
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You said yourself in your opening posts that no one can assess someone oline, only give their opinions, right?  Well, you've been given opinions from people who are NOT anxious with worry, who are thinking straight, and know a thinkg or two about HIV...and NOT from reading online....from personal REAL LIFE experience, professional experience, etc.

First of all...the nurse at the clinic is full of ****..unless the patients whom she saw seroconvert after 3 months were unsure of their exposure date, or lied about it.  Heck..even the 3 month guideline is overly conservative.

The two EXTREMELY knowledgeable phsycians in the expert forum here...who collectively have decades of experience dealing with HIV day in and day out have NEVER seen a case of HIV caused by oral sex...nor have they seen anyone's neg test become pos after 6 WEEKS!  They maintain that theoretically there may be a MINUTE risk from oral sex...just because there is SO much controversy behind the subject and because technically...YES, there IS a very very small risk.  SO small however, that for all reasonable purposes...it is just as accurate to say NO risk.

Do with that info what you will...but you are spending so much time and energy trying to convince yourself you have HIV...and now you are trying to convince the posters here.  If you feel ill.....see your doctor...there are a bazillion things that could cause your symptoms, and YES, anxiety is a HUGE part of it.  If you don't think anxiety causes a TON of very real, very severe physical symptoms...then you don't know much about anxiety.  It can be absolutely debilitating...and sadly, if you continue down this road....you won't be sick from HIV, but rather from excessive and chronic anxiety, which CAN lead to real physical issues (ulcers, etc etc).

I dont remember specifically when you've tested out to...but if it is 3 months..you can believe your result and celebrate it.  ESPECIALLY since you had virtually NO risk to begin with.  If you cannot accept the results, then you honestly need some mental health help....b/c your thinking is not rational.  I don't say that to be mean...but rather to hopefully get you to understand what your priority should be here...your mental health...not your "physical" maladies.  I guarantee you 100% that once you start addressing your anxiety....the other symptoms will start to gradually disappear.  If you don't believe me...why not just try it?  It wouldn't hurt, right?  If you prove me wrong...I'll eat my computer.  ;0)

Lastly...you are being told to "move on" because this forum has very very specific rules in place for a reason.  The nature of this topic brings people here who are not only anxious (like you)...but often are thinking irrationally.  ALL continued posts like yours manages to accomplish is fueling the anxiety of the other posters/readers...and reinforces misinformation...making people think they had a risk when they didn't....or making them think that they cannot rely on thier 3 month NEG test results.  

Regardless of what ANY of us say...YOU have to be the one to change....to start accepting that what we say is actually right.  You are NOT going to be the first statistic of this sort.  How many countless posters have SWORN up and down like you...that they were indeed infected in this manner???  You know what?  EVERY single one of them comes back to report their NEG result.  That alone should be something for you to fall back on.  We're talking people who were planning their own funerals for goodness sakes!

The choice is yours now...you can either accept what the experts are saying...and quite reading online to fuel your fears....and you can start dealing with your anxiety.  OR you can continue to waste your time and energy chasing a diagnosis that you are never going to have.  Thing is...and what lizzie is trying to convey is....you cannot continue to waste the time of thie forum.....the rules are there for a reason...and honestly..the answers you have gotten are not going to change....therefore there is nothing more to offer you.  

I wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope you are able to move past this and realize that you are perfectly fine.  It is time to start living again!!!!!!

(I know this is long...but it not only applies to you, but also every other poster here...and I truly hope for some...that it sinks in)
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.. my test was 6 weeks....the nurse did say she had trouble believing some patients. i know i have issues and your right i need to accept my negative with my low risk as a sign to move on. Anxiety is a powerful thing i heard it can convince you your sick when your not. I  believe that is what's happening with me.

  thank you
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I would say majority of  the symtoms you are describing  are  purely stress. trust me I am feeling  the same ones  and  am not even in the window  to start feeling anything, relax, get outside and quit  stressing over this...  Now  I just  wish I could  take my own  guidance, but Im working on it..

Good  Luck and learn from this situation..
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even the constant dry mouth?
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* Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusive negative results or a no-risk situation will be based up the criteria MedHelp’s doctors. Action will be taken as follows:
    * After excessive posting, a warning will be issued by MedHelp
    * Continuing to post regarding the negative result / no risk situation will result in a 3 day suspension
    * Continuing to post upon your return will result in a permanent ban.

guess you're wanting ANOTHER warning?????
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Let me say something...i've been looking around here and there are too many people here with this dry white mouth thing that are testing Negative....and nobody seems to know what it is all about. It really has me thinking.
    One guy 16 months out Negative. Still night sweats, white tongue , burning skin, eye floaters...read his story for yourself." Johnnycomelate? "He's one of many examples.
It's freaking me out man...is this the start of something new?
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I'm asking bamagun

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let me tell you something...i have been on this site for 17 months.  my son has hiv.  i have only seen a handful of ppl who "claim" to have this WHITE TONGUE...to actually have it once they are seen by a doctor or dentist.

you have pushed the limits here.  we are NOT a psychological conseling service and YOU DID NOT HAVE A RISK.

consider yourself reported !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a good day
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Go to the health pages and look under "anxiety"...there is a list of physical symptoms that are caused by anxiety...including dry mouth, white tongue (comes from dry mouth)....floaters, double vision, blurred vision, chest pain, and on and on and on.

High levels of anxiety affect ALL body systems in a VERY real way....

Also...what you are reading about other people is other worried wells like yourself...instead of reading those and being REASSURED that all of those NEG results are very promising...you are taking it as something ominous.

Test results do not lie....regardless if you have EVERY single classic HIV symptom out there.

In my years as a nurse...every single HIV or AIDS patient that I have cared for had something in common...guess what that was????

Not ONE of them had ONE single ARS symtpom...not one symptom PERIOD before being diagnosed.  You need to shut your pc off and enjoy life....and I beg any and everyone to PLEASE not continue posting garbage to this thread...you are NOT helping.  Let it GO.

Wait...on second thought...throw your pc out the window...and seek professional help as soon as possible...you are not thinking rationally.
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yeah just like everyone else  here is saying, the mind is a wonderfull yet sometimes cruel  thing. You can make youself feel just about any feeling in the world if you believe it is happeing  enough. example, two days ago i was walking up the stairs and "swallowed"  and felt a slight sore feeling  in my throat, and all of a sudden I have HIV... well that feeling in my throat lasted about thirty minutes  and it  got worse the more I thought about it, and all of a sudden a phone call and I quit thinking about it and guess what.. I havent felt a sore throat since. My point  is  there  are things  that go on with your body all of  the time and if you dwell on one thing  too much, you will eventually "convince" yourself  that something  is wrong, and stress will  add to that, so relax, get tested if you are concerned and get the negative result  back  and  you will see that it was all in your head.,...
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You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV from a lapdance or grinding. You don't need to test. Now move on. NO MORE QUESTIONS.
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