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Testing after 4 weeks?

How acurate is testing after 4 weeks?  

I've had enlarged armpit lymph nodes for a month now (it start on day 4) - in past month I've had three minor fevers a night - stomach pains. And recently I've havnt gone to the washroom for 4days - finaly went but it was slight diaherea - I took a laxative the day after and I went but diareahish. My tongue tingles and breath reaks - I dont see any excessive white spots but this started about same time as my constipation. Can anxiety cause all of these?

I fingered her and dry humped her, I made sure I didnt not enter. But is there any way i'm infected?
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No, no way you would have HIV.. You dont need to test at all..
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Forget about it. Even if you entered there is no risk.
Don't you have more important duties? Don't think about it.
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Please get your immune system check.

Post your results .
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I had unprotected sex with hiv positive lady. i made it only once and it took hardly 2 minutes to 3 to finish. i tested after three weeks and again after 4 weeks all appeared negative.
do i have to test again
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