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Testing and not sure RNA & DNA window

I have tested 14.5 weeks after possible exposure with Elisa antibody test shows negative. I started testing a week 7 and continued testing every week till week 14. I also tested RNA by PCR at week 9 with a negative result and zero viral load copies detected. I also  tested  DNA by PCR week 10 and got again a negative, the western blot was negative as was the antigen test. All in all I got over 12 HIV tests from week 7 to week 14 and every result is negative. Now here is the question and issue. My tests prove conclusive no HIV but I now have standard ARS symptoms. I have talked to 3 doctors and 1 top HIV PHD Research scientist at UCLA and all the docs agree that I do not have HIV and I should have stopped testing a long time before after I received the RNA results. Still my question is about the ARS symptoms and the possibility of them coming from a needle stabbing. No, I'm not crazy and I do not need to seek mental help. My issue is physical I feel skin pain, my skin is now hypersensitive. My skin has changed, it's dry, painful, and bruises easily. Is this an ARS symptom. 5 days before the RNA test I suspected a break in to my apt and a needle stab. The UCLA Research scientist told me that RNA is very sensitive and accurate and can detect HIV infection within 72 hours of exposer. He should know he works with PEP.  The DNA test was 12 days after the posable needle stabbing. I have heard that DNA by PCR can detect up to 6 days after exposure. I also head that is detects 3 weeks after posable exposure. I find mixed information from all directions.

All the testing proves that the first issue is conclusive no HIV but the suspected July 7th needle stabbing I am not sure of as my skin burns and I consider that ARS. I checked into Cedar Sini on July 12 very sick and blood levels were normal but WBC count was 9.8 five weeks later my WBC count was 5.8.  July 12 was five days after the posable needle stabbing so high WBC count would show body fighting infection / virus.  I also had night sweats for two weeks after July 7 and the runs for a month.  

???Would a needle stabbing on July 7 show up on a July 13 RNA and July 19 DNA???

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Your elisa test was conclusive and the RNA test was a great marker aswell.The DNA is not diagnostic--end of the day--you don't have HIV.
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Your 14.5 week ELISA was conclusive you do not have an HIV concern.
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Thanks Teak

My concern is how I currently feel. I have tested to the extreme with over 10 Elisa tests from week 7 to week 14.5. Every test came up negative including RNA & DNA.  I talked to 3 doctors and 3 PHD HIV research scientists. Everyone said the same thing that it's beyond conclusive that I'm HIV negative.

Everyone told me to stop testing but my issue is hypersensitive skin. My skin has changed to dry skin and it's painful to touch anything. I understand only what I can research online and cant find out why my skin changed. The doctors all tell me that my issue is more mental that physical but I assure you that as sure as god made sweet green apples my pain is real. The second part of the story that gets skipped over and put in the realm of "crazy talk" is my concern with my neighbors stabbing me with a needle on July 7th in my sleep.  I tell the doctors to forget crazy talk and realize that people do get murdered in Los Angles every day. The West Hollywood police & FBI would not let me file a report on several break - ins to my apt. I clearly know reality from fantasy land and the statement is true.  I'm now waiting for OCT 1 for at home HIV tests to be sold at CVS. I will also post the results. If result is positive that it would prove my story of suspected needle stabbing on July 7 is true and the story is correct about suspecting the neighbor of murder.

If you google needle stabbing you will find that it is considered an urban legend and that is why everyone states "crazy Talk" when the words needle stab come out. My last conversation with a research scientist I stated if I'm crazy then nobody has ever been murdered in Los Angles. That statement got the scientist to change there tune when I explained it that way.This is by far the most insane HIV story, but it's a story I really don't like thinking about.  The end result may be my hypersensitive skin and 2 weeks of night sweats may be more that an urban legend but actually attempted murder in Los Angeles with myself as the victim.   I will post my OCT 1 at home Elisa test stay tuned. BTW i'm not crazy and I know who the guilty murder party is, my next door neighbor Brandon.  

Thank for comments, Jeff310
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I will post results of Oct 1 as home Elisa test

If result is not in my favor I will post Brandon's address, parents address in Lexington Kentucky and his phone number with email. This guy is a drug addict and his father is a lawyer so publicly to sham him would be the only justice as daddy would get his drug addict son out of trouble one more time.

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The DNA test was week 10 and if was from Lab Corp. ( Paid $200 ) It also included the "gold standard" western blot that was negative and an antibody test that was of course negative as well. I got the DNA test because I wanted an additional early detection test. Week 10 seem like a good time for the DNA test. Week 9 I got the RNA test and is was negative and it detected 0 copies/ml.

About the RNA I talked to a UCLA PHD Research scientist and he believes that the RNA test to be the most accurate detecting up to 72 hours after contact. UNC Chapel School Of Medicine wouldn't confirm that number (72 hours ) but they did say the RNA testing is very accurate and it could be posable to make a conclusive early negative call with todays RNA tests. Remember the Elisa tests have gotten better with different generations as did the RNA tests.    
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- the newest gen RNA test

Abbot Labs Real Time Hiv 1 test


If you have any questions about RNA testing call the pros. This is Abbot Labs phone number. I don't just believe what I read online I call the pros. I had no issues googling and getting top research scientist on the phone for questions. I do also check this web site Med Help and The Body for additional information.  
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Neither the Abbott RealTime nor the Roche COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HIV-1 assay is intended to be used as a donor screening test for HIV-1 or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection.
Richard Klein
HIV/AIDS Program Director
Office of Special Health Issues
Food and Drug Administration
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That is correct based on cost of test and the fact it requires a full lab. Results from RNA / DNA are not rapid and expensive so government agencies  so they wont recommend or offer them. I don't care about government agencies and there budget wise recommendations. I got directly on the phone with UCLA PHD HIV research scientists that have the information. My concern was my personal health not as government agency policy. I asked question about accuracy and the time laps between contact and detection. My RNA & DNA were both week 9 and week 10 so the UCLA research scientist assured me of the accuracy of RNA testing. He told me he works with P.E.P. studies and the modern sensitive RNA test can detect the virus within 72 hours.

I did keep up with Elisa testing up to 14.5 weeks but I had to beg for tests as the HIV testing places told me to stop testing after RNA test. The HIV testing places were government funded agencies in Los Angeles that followed FDA recommendations. I did more research calling more Universities and the drug companies directly researching HIV meds looking for info. The news was all the same conclusive RNA , DNA , AND 14.5 ELISA  all Negative. "Conclusive ", "Nothing to worry about",  " Move on", "Stop Testing"

My issue is that I believe that a needle stab to place while I was sleeping on JULY 7th. That may or may not have been detected by RNA & DNA. I ordered an Elisa home test online for $29.99 free shipping.  I took the early detection tests RNA / DNA  not as a worry about May 2 posable contact which I have been cleared of  by 3 doctors and 3  HIV PHD research scientists but to prove an attempted murder by a next door neighbor that tried to kill me 2 other times.  Yes, this is all true and if you don't believe me that murders and attempted murders don't take place in Los Angles try living there and tell me what you think. Yes off topic for typical web talk but it's 2012 and the urban legend needle stab may have been more than an urban legend in my personal case. I would actually prefer to be wrong about that or everything for that matter but having a blood stained bed sheet with a needle blood stain and a trip to Cedar Sini 5 days later getting a WBC count at 9.8 which is 40% hight than my normal proving a viral infection.

I pray I'm wrong about suspect needle stabbing. I don't have health insurance so that would kill me off for sure in an awful way. I currently have skin pains and now hypersensitive skin that cuts and bruises very easily. Im very worried.
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