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Testing doubts

Can you be positive for Corona virus if you have HIV infection,
Or can covid positive may turn false positive in an HIV antigen test as both are antigen tests? Or vice versa?
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Are you still talking about the exposure you had 3 years ago where you used a condom?
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If so, you were already answered.  ZERO risk.  Therefore HIV questions are completely unnecessary.  Work on anxiety if you can't accept this.  And no, corona and HIV have zero to do with each other and wouldn't interfere with any tests.  
They are 2 different viruses so the tests look for specific things that have nothing to do with each other.
I have a covid test scheduled for tomorrow so I just want to know about the tests
Even for the antigen tests
the zero risk for HIV is the focus here.  You can't get HIV from your exposure and you do not have HIV.  Please talk to your doctor about anxiety.
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If you had hiv for 3 years you would be dead by now since you haven't been hospitalized. Untreated hiv  is a lot more serious sickness than your cold sore that your imagination has turned into hiv. Your problem is you don't have a scientific mind, and are thinking that because you have a cold sore that proves it is hiv - despite the fact that you had no exposure to hiv so you make zero sense - if you were correct then most people in the world would have hiv because most have have cold sores.
You said before that you don't obsess over hiv, but if you read your own situation you will see that is denial - seek help from a therapist instead of being in agony over your unscientific theory that you have hiv - then you might be able to lead a normal happy life like you used to do before you tried to come up with biology theories about hiv.
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