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Testing incident

Hello, hope I can get an opinion please.

I went to get a STD checkup fot the first time (it came back negative), however what i noticed was the procedure the nurse did: she used thin small hollow tubes to collect my blood sample (after being pricked by a single use lancet), but the tubes were all over the place on the table (and she didint change gloves) and i think I noticed they were not clean and I think maybe there was tiny blood on or inside from handling them from blood of others (the place didnt look very clean in general) My question is what is the risk if one of the tubes had some HIV infected blood (imperceptible) and then she used the same one to collect my blood from the finger prick. Would this be enough route for transmission or am I worrying needlessly?? I am concerned due to the fact that the tubes are hollow. Should a test be done in these situations? Thanks
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It is not a risk.

If you want use the search field and look for 1000's of answers that have already been given on this same topic.
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Even though the tube was hollow?, that is the concern here
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There is never a real concern with blood draws, the only concern is people's anxiety. It is not a risk.
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I`m not sure you understood. I´m not talking about the blood draw, but about the hollow tubes that collect the blood sample, like I stated in my first post. If they were tinged with blood on the inside (being hollow) thanks
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I understand comletely. "What if's" we do not deal with. You had no risk, just like the 1000 of other people who haveasked the same question.
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Thanks for your answer. It wasnt actually a "what if" question. I actually did see stains, thats why.
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