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Testing old genertion 2nd iGg

My risk was high unprotected anal @21-5-2017 I had many symptoms including:- herpes like lesion on lips , burning sensation lips hands feet spinal cord , face , up set stomach , headaches, warts on feet , tangling and burning swallowing feet hands and lymph nodes hurts , vison problem , loss of energy excess sweating , weird cyst like in feet , burning and frequent while urination and heart pumping hard which it shake me while sleeping , sore throat ,weight loss and some more I can’t rember sorry for long story
TESTS done :- @18day.  p24 antigen without antibody (-Ve) & pcr real-time qutanity “not the nucleic acid” (-Ve).  Then did pcr for herpes 1,2 (-Ve) and did swab for mouth result (e.coli) and antibody test it turn out that in egypt they have old generation 2nd detect iGg staff answer @3,4with western bolt, 5month 29 day last antibody (-Ve) and I did ultrasound for head neck ,& abdomen @ 1.5 month after exposure all normal Ex for bilateral level 1,2,3 largest lymph is 1.3*0.6 in max dimensions and abdomen all normal except enlarge spleen 13.2 am 30 years old skinny guy. That’s all I guess and their are more test hepatitis and Vdrl , urine , CMV, epv all (-Ve)
It’s been a year or more - 1-so I am worried still due to lymph is hard fixed I know may due to many reasons would it be from hiv? 2- would what I got be from gonerhea , clamdya I done blood test and gram stain urine culture, sensitivity (Nuthing show ) 3- if it’s from hiv would it show in old generation as 1st or 2nd, and pcr real time ,& taqman tech “these are not nuelic acid “ am soooooo sorry for long talk but am worried thank u please help. Best regard.
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All tests are accurate after 12 weeks and it has been longer than 12 weeks. In fact, you say it has been more than a year?  You have a long post that is hard to follow.  But from what I can decipher, it looks like you had negative tests outside the window period so tested negative.  Correct?  When was your last test and what type was it?  Just come back and answer that simple question leaving out all the other things.

Symptoms do not diagnose HIV and a swollen lymph node is not uncommon as it is caused by many things.  
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My last test was 5month 29 day 2nd generetion(-Ve)
My lymph nodes it’s been over a year didnot regress that I am worried about.  Thank u
you've been answered. you tested negative,  it's not HIV.  whatever is wrong with your lymph node,  or whatever infection you have causing them to swell, is not HIV.  see a dr if you're concerned.
Thanks laxus2012 even if old generation test 2nd which detect iGg. Last question am sooo sorry
No matter how many times you ask the same question, the answer can't change so you are wasting your time checking the same thing over and over.
Yes.  It'd still be conclusive. iGg is an immune response of the body to infection. If you were infected it would have been detected at the juncture you tested.  
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