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Testing period for unprotected oral

Hello I’m planning to test with RNA at 14 or 16 days post performing unprotected fellatio. He ejaculated in my mouth and I had a cavity and impacted wisdom teeth that may have been bleeding. Some sperm also may have made contact with my eye. Would the risk be low considering he’s only had sex with one person before me? Always protected except when he did oral?
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Also if somebody hit my eye with their hand and they had a cut would that be a risk?
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You were not at a risk for transmission. You don't need to test.
Thank you is it a risk if a cut makes contact with my eye? I have a stye now if that makes a difference
Assessment doesn't change. Only risk for transmission in adults:

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse
2. Sharing needles to inject drugs with other drug abusers.

No risk. Testing is not recommended.
So blood flying into eye or sperm isn’t a risk even tho the eye is a mucous membrane? Or even direct contact with a cut? Or getting stabbed with a fork or pin needle?
I reckon that you are only coming up with impractical scenarios. Moreover, these scenarios only seem to be a derivative of your anxiety. We can't help you with your anxiety here since we are only specific to HIV prevention.

As it's has been told to you before what are the only risk for transmission in adults, nothing else that you may think of anymore can change that stance. Should you feel you are being troubled by irrational thinking, see a counselor.

Not impractical scenarios but real events that unfortunately occurred. Thank you for your help however.
Very unfortunate. However, unchanged of the fact that it is not a risk. So, please rest assured, you have nothing to worry and no need to test.
So if somebody else touches my eye when they have a cut it is for sure not a risk? I’m sorry to ask it’s just I’ve seen cases where nurses get infected from blood In their eyes and cuts bleed
Repeating your question again will not change your risk assessment. Please work on your health anxiety because that's the issue here, not HIV.
No nurse has reported an infection in that manner, there are no such cases reported anywhere.

It's time you consider counseling for your irrational fear. You don't have HIV, you were never exposed. Our concerns don't belong to this forum since you were never at risk for transmission.
Your concerns*
https://journals.lww.com/aidsonline/fulltext/2000/01280/hiv_1_infection_transmitted_by_serum_droplets_into.19.aspx It has definitely happened. I am in counseling currently as well I’m just not completely sure of the risks with hiv
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You really received a full answer and it is up to you accept it or not.  The risks for adults are given clearly.  You did not have one of those.  Air inactivates the virus so blood on a fork or needle would not result in transmission.  Blood and sperm in eye, same.  Wear a condom for vaginal or anal sex and don't share IV drug needles, you'll wont' get HIV.  Your scenarios are ALL no risk.
Ok my bad. I guess I was just confused since other resources count these sort of exposures as risks and don’t consider hiv to die immediately on contact in the air. If what you guys say is true though then that is very reassuring
Glad you are beginning to accept the truth.  No one in the history of HIV has gotten it this way.  Not a single proven case. Keep focusing on that and try to move on.
Thank you I do have OCD so it is a bit difficult to accept especially when other credited resources have differing views. I will likely test just to be sure. Not a single KNOWN person has been infected as far as we BELIEVE but there’s a first for everything.
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Your question has patiently been answered accurately by our members that oral sex is not a risk for HIV.

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