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Testing question

Possible dipping during a naked lap dance would be my risk. Rna test at 14 days came back negative. Should I take with grain of salt? Plan on getting retested at 28 days with 4th gen.
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The only way to get help is to help yourself by stopping googling cold turkey. And see the therapist because hiv prevention is straightforward and there is nothing left to discuss here.
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I'm sorry I didnt mean to disregard the guideline.I'm just reading conflicting information and trying to get help.
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I have read online it is low risk. Just curious why that is out there?
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Since you disregarded the guidelines and made up your own, then you can also make up an indication for that useless test.
The other question is driven by  your continued self-torture from online reading so should be directed to the therapist.
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Therapist found. Couple of more questions. Took rna test and duo 4th gen today(21 days) I know those tests aren't conclusiv at that point. But are they a good indicator? Also is it true that the only means of contracting HIV is through penetration?
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I concur with ANM, it is very unlikely that you would have had penetrations during a lap dance. Moreover, thinking that your partner being HIV positive is a big assumption. This is a fabrication of a scenario inside your head, it generally doesn't happen like that, for penetrations the other person has to also let you in.

You seem to be paranoid about this whole thing. Again, getting a PCR RNA test shows that you probably had a lot of anxiety, you read a lot online and you just wanted to know. The fact of the matter is that you are clearly exhibiting paranoia.

You didn't qualify for an RNA test, it is not used for general diagnostic purpose, it is only administered for individuals with exposure to a 'known' positive person. Even for some one with a 'real' risk, undetected RNA NAT at 14 days is a solid indicator that there was no infection to begin with.

You don't need to test further, you didn't have a risk. Please find a therapist for your self who could help you with getting rid of irrational fears, I am confident this is not the first time you are struggling with such fear and ordeal. A proper therapy program will help you overcome your issues.

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It is highly unlikely that she would let you penetrate her, and she would have been angry if you did and you would have known it, so I doubt there was any dipping.
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I doubt as well. In regards to testing though?
You can take a duo after 4 weeks for a conclusive result.
Ok will do. Was the rna test worth the money?  Or was it a waste of time at 14 days?
I imagine the duo will be a waste but the RNA isn`t even conclusive.
I'm sorry what do you mean? Why is the duo a waste and why isn't the rna conclusive?
I don't think you penetrated her so duo would be a waste of time. Perhaps someone else will comment on your RNA.
Bump for rna test
As for the potential dipping. It was with a CSW. We were both naked. And there was  moment where I lifted her off the floor and put her on my lap. I dont feel like I penetrated but my penis was covered in oil. Might have grazed her vagina.
Only you can figure what you did, so if you can`t then your next step is straightforward. Try to relax until you can test since nothing is pointing toward you having hiv - or even penetration so that is all that I would think about while waiting - to relax, pretend you are doing a placebo test.
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