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Testing question?

Brief synopsis of my exposure and my testing up to this point.

Brief vaginal intercourse unprotected with csw.

Rna test 14 days: -ve
Rna test 21 days: -ve
Duo 4th gen 28 days: -ve
Rna test 28 days: -ve
Duo 4th gen 35 days: pending as of today

Since exposure ive had a root canal done. And I have been on 4 different antibiotics. Biccilin, azithromycin. (Given to me by clinic to combat other stds) amoxicillin and clindamycin. (For root canal) my questions are:

1) can all of these antibiotics ive been on delay/impact tests taken?

2) are my tests up to this point a good indication of a - status?

3) can my root canal have delayed p24 from showing up on tests?

4) at what day would my tests be considered conclusive?
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1. No medication apart from ARV drugs can delay sero-conversion.

2. Undetected HIV RNA NAT  at 14 days and 28 days negative with a duo means you have tested conclusively negative. No further testing would be needed.

Please accept your negative and move on. Testing continuously like that implies extreme fear and anxiety, please see a counselor for it.
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Thanks Mike. I have been on a steady diet of fear and anxiety for the past 35 days. Appreciate the work you do on here. Will seek mental help asap
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