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Testing results

Good Morning!

I had an hetersosexual vaginal unprotected encounter with a female friend of mine in 9/16. For the next 3 months after the exposure I had symptoms related to HIV (fatigue, couple night sweets,dry mouth and muscle pain).
I completed a Oraquick Advance Rapid test (Oral) at 7weeks,9 wekks and 12 weeks after the exposure; the results were negative. My female friend completed a Oraquick Advance Rapid test (Oral) at 8 weeks and 11 weeks and the results were negative as well.

As of today 13 weeks after my exposure, the symptom that I have is a burning sensation on my body; primarly legs (thigs) and arms; sometimes the burning sensation goes on my knees, hands and neck.

Could you please advice if this still symptoms of a possible HIV infection?

Thank you for your help,

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You don't have HIV you have tested conclusively negative.
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you dont have Hiv,she doesnt have hiv.u wont have hiv from that encounter.
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THANK YOU for your. I don't want to keep writing and making you feel that I do not believe your advice, so this will be my last question to you.
My only concern still that she had unprotected sex with her husband 1 week before we were together and I don't know his status.
Could the burning on my body be a sign of an HIV infection even after testing negative via oral rapid test at 12 weeks? And also, her negative rapid tests (oral) at 8 and 11 weeks?
Could it be another type of STD that is causing the burning sensation on my body?

Again, THANK YOU for your advice.
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Read what you were told by Teak...conclusive test. You don't have HIV.
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Thank you
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Sorry to ask again; should I do a lab blood test to confirm the 12 week Oraquick Advance (oral) test?
The last rapid test was exactly at the 12 weeks (84 days).
My concern is the extreme burning sensation on my body (legs and arms) and sometimes in my neck, hands and back.

Again, Thank you for your help.
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Good Morning!
Thank you all for your responses.
As of today I still have the severe burning on my body (legs, arms and back) and also chills sometimes during the day.
Can I clear my mind with the 7weeks, 9 weeks and  84 days negative Advance Oraquick (oral) tests and go to my DR and concentrate on something else that is causing these symptoms?

THANK YOU for your help!
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Hi, I had unprotected sex six months ago. Two weeks after that I began to develop symptoms. Enlarged lymph nodes, pain in the legs, night sweats, some rash in one arm, hand shaking, an herpes-like infection in my tongue. I was terrified, couldn't sleep, work nor live. However all my tests have come negative! Including 4th generation tests at three months, a quantitative PCR (do not do this test, it has a high rate of false positives), and 3rd and 4th generation ELISA at six months. Altough I still a bit afraid, I understand that the likelihood to have HIV is very very very very remote with all those test I have (more thant 10!). Something similar may have hapend to you. Symptoms related to stress and anxiety. You and your girlfriend tested negative, so you don't have HIV. Hope this helps!
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Thank you for responding!
I forgot to mention that I still have the white/dry tongue too.
I am so scared that this could be a case where I have a another HIV test and comes postive.

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Teak, can you PLEASE give me a last coment based on the burning sensation on my body and white/dry tongue?

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See your doctor if you are concerned, it has nothing to do with HIV.
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I will post after I see my doctor.

Again, thank you everybody for the support
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I want to mention that I went and took another rapid test today; it was the rapid blood test and it was negative. This is 13 weeks and 4 days after my exposure.
Would you called this a final/conclusive test and advice that no more testing is needed?

THANK YOU for your support.
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