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Testing today...still stressing. Details inside. Teak, take a look?

I posted this last night and appreciate all the responses GREATLY, but I would love to hear from others like MIke and teak.  I know my risk my seems low to none, but I just can't get over it and so I am testing because I just need that confirmation...please understand.

I am going to try to sum up my story as good as I can...
I wrecked on a bike and got a decent road rash on my arm. 2 days go by and my road rash is in the state where pussing begins. Well on day 2 after my wreck, I show someone I semi know...just starting a convo you know? Well this person I know semi well and have heard rumors that this person has hiv. If this person truly did, it would not surprise me. Anyway, when I tell this person about my wreck and show the person the road rash, the person jokingly says "can I touch it" and I believe this person did. Now, I did have bandages covering the wound, but some areas were exposed because of the pussing messing up the bandage adhesive. I am so worried that this person my have indeed come incontact with my road rash and this person may of also have some kind of cut on their finger...someone their blood contacting my abrasion, road rash...whatever.

Now,it seems logical that since my wound wasn't bleeding out then blood shouldn't be able to penetrate through...BUT my wound was still red and could definitly bleed if irratated. ANd since I hear how the hiv virus can possibly leak through condoms because of the tiny pores makes me think the same can happen with my non fully healed wound.

As far has ARS goes...I have had a few mild cases of diarea and as far has I know, no fevers (97-98.7)

Tomorrow will be the 4th week since exposure. I know 4 weeks isn't conclusive, but I can't take it anymore. I ahve the home access test rdy to go. My frinds and family have noticed my changed moods since and its just not fair to them. I hate feeling this way. Depressed, stressed, worried...even my grades have dropped. I know I could ask this person about being hiv pos, but i don't know them that well and I probably wouldn't believe a negative reply anyway.

So if I could get some opinions, insight ...whatever from you guys would be awesome. Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to help another.  THANK YOU ALL...
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I know there really isn't a reason for blood to be on this persons finger, but you never know...I know this sounds crazy (and yes I thought this), but maybe they could want to purposely infect...man why do I thnink this way?!?!? I admit, I problably do need more outside counsoling, but for now, this forum is all I have I  feel so lucky to have it.  Thank you all once again, but i am still open to more responses.
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No, still a pretty imaginary situation.

Seek help before it's too late

The more you delay, the more fears would embark in to your mind.

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If I were you I would worry more about having a wreck on the way to the Doctor's office than having HIV from this incident.  Relax, you are fine.  
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I hate doing what ifs ! (no offense intended)

Pal, 'YOU THINK' there would have been blood on his finger, how do you come to that conclusion ?

Can we do some logical reasoning here ?

I know it's a mental block that you're dealing with right now, I'd really like you to go through the HIV transmission and see a counselor to put your mind at an ease, even if he had blood on his finger, I sure it would have been noticed.

Please deal with your irrational fears, HIV is not the problem here.

HIV transmission:
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I see there are replies, but when I click the thread I see none. Oh no.
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No risk. No need to test. You can not contract HIV from casual contact and if he touched your wound that is all it would have been. Do you think if HIV was that easily contracted that I would have been allowed to function as a Paramedic?
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