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Hi.  I had protected (with condom) intercourse with a masseur in Singapore.  On the 21st day, I went for the following tests - HIV antibody and antigen and the HIV DNA PCR test.  Thankfully, all of them were negative.  Do i need to undergo any further tests, since my understanding is that the antibody+antigen test should have detected either one during the sero conversion period.  Also, the PCR test is said to be effective after 72 hours and that too was negative.  Please respond.  Need some peace of mind.  Thanks.
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Testing after protected intercourse is not required Indoubt-not unless the condom failed you or something.
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Testing is not even necessary since it's protected sex.
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Thanks for your comments.  However, my fear is what if there was a problem with the condom?  It wasn't torn or anything like that but have heard that condoms do not offer 100% protection.  In that situation, will HIV be undetected if I were to undergo the tests mentioned on the same day?  Please advise.
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Look, there are thousands and thousands of people having sex each day using condom.  If condom (latex) is not a good barrier, many would have been infected with HIV by now (provided use correctly).

Guess, your true problem is not HIV, is stress/anixety/guilt. Or unless you have not told us the whole truth...  : o )

Don't worry, protected sex remains proected from HIV infection.
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No point in lying on an anonymous forum eh?  But if you say latex condoms are good enough, so be it.  Thanks and god bless.
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