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Hi. I've been tested negative with 4th gen HIV ECLIA method lab test on 84th day (exactly 12 weeks) after unprotected vaginal sex (I'm a male). Do I neee to confirm this test since it was my only test and can I engage in unprotected sex with a  tested HIV negative person?
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Do you have HCV?
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I don't know because I'm not tested but I'm only asking if i had HCV, would it affect my HIV test in a manner of prolonging the window period because my antibodies wouldn't show up?
If you are younger than 60 and you have never shared needles, the chances that you have HCV are almost zero.  If you are concerned, you can get tested for HCV.
Thank you!
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The duo test was conclusively negative after 4 weeks so you are safe. No need to double test - you don't double test for any other health concern.
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Well, my country doesn't have national guidelines for HIV testing. Some health institutions still recommend initial 3 months test and a confirmatory test at 6 months post exposure. I haven't heard about 4 weeks being conclusive anywhere else than UK, but I know that countries like Germany and Sweden switched to 6 weeks being conclusive, trying to be more careful than UK. All those different guidelines just cause confusion. Not sure what to believe. I've also seen people posting being tested at 84 days and being told they are not fully conclusive until post 90 days  test (POZ forum, body.com etc.) which is another testing window period that seems to be like a Golden standard in discussions online. Could you give me some insight on this topic?
4th generation tests don't require 90 days.  If you had an event with someone known to be HIV+, then the absolute latest time you have to wait for a conclusive result is 6 weeks.  Your test is conclusively negative, and you should move on from this event.
I'll try to move on. I thought I already did but anxiety got me again. I've seen cases like mine all over Medhelp and similar forums. For example; getting proof of being in the clear but still worrying  and being anxious about some non-event or about tests being inconclusive or worrying about one in a million event. HIV anxiety is a bad thing. Thank you elaborating and for your help!
There are thousands of diseases and health conditions that can develop with no warning, and you can't spend your life worrying about any of them. You've tested negative for the one you're worrying about!
Sorry I'm bothering again. This is my last question. Can HCV coinfection cause delayed HIV seroconversion and prolong the HIV testing window period. Some sources say it is possible, some say it is not. What's the thruth? It seems that it is unclear, even to experts whether or not HCV coinfection with HIV delays seroconversion.
If we told you not to test again would you believe it? Apparently not since we told you to stop, however instead you keep googling for death, then ignore the advice and ask if you should keep testing.
I did not ask such a thing. Why are you rushing to conclusions? Please re read my question. I asked a real question. If you're not familiar with the topic just say so and I'll be gone. No need to be so dramatic.
Hopefully you can see from our end that this looks like anxiety loop thinking of pulling up a 'what if' which is the trick of anxiety. You sincerely wonder if you have HCV? Your test is conclusive in the time frame you took it regardless but I would definitely recommend getting help for this type of loop, anxiety driven thinking.
"Your test is conclusive in the time frame you took it regardless" is the only thing that answers my question. I had a doubt, I had a question. Simple as that. No need to go Sigmund Freud on me. Thank you GuitarRox.
You've misinterpreted most of the advice. You were told this 4 days ago, which should have ended the questions. "The duo test was conclusively negative after 4 weeks so you are safe. No need to double test - you don't double test for any other health concern."

Yet you keep asking if you should test again which would be illogical if the answer was yes.
And now you complain that you're being psychoanalyzed, jafter asking questions multiple times that have been answered.
We're volunteers here and to those of us who see a lot of posters, we're Sigmund Freud because you are speaking what if's and anxiety. You can fool yourself anyway you want to but anxiety driven questions like this one stand out easily to those of us who deal with people asking them all the time. You'll have another what if soon if you don't recognize what is happening. And again, we're volunteers. We aren't hear to appease people's anxiety. All of a sudden, out of the blue you wonder if you have HCV and how it would impact an HIV test? Come on. You don't have to be Freud to see where you need to address your anxiety and indignation at having that pointed out is worth the idea that maybe you'll get help for yourself. take care

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