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Hey Doctor

I had an unprotected sexual encounter with a CSW in Japan in early January and she assured me that she did not have STDs.  Nevertheless, I've been extremely nervous since this event and so I have taken a couple tests.  My HIV test came back negative at 3 weeks along with the general test for other STDs like gonorrhea and syphilis.  I then took another HIV test at 12 weeks and it came back negative.  

I'm worried though because about 3 weeks ago, I saw that there was a small red bump on the shaft of my penis but it went away within 4-5 days.  You wouldn't consider that a rash would you?  And also recently, I've been waking up  with itchy watery eyes and a severely congested nose.  I usually have allergies during the spring time but I've never had a persistent cough (about 1.5 weeks) like I do now.  Please help.

Thanks Doctor
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hi,l am not a doctor although l may assure u there is nothing to worry about since u have had 2 tests already,from what the doctors say here so the second test u took should be conclusive.
l also had my panick attack a few months ago and when l went to search the internet about HIV,l got symptoms after symptoms,all that was just worry and stress.
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you do not have hiv...your 12 week test is conclusive :)
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