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Teticular Pain and Frequent urination

Hello People at Med-help.I'm a 25 year old male and about 8 months ago  had unprotected Oral sex, giving and receiving. My partner was female (who was on her period). Tested out at 3 months time and was negative. I know I may not have an HIV concern but it just seems weird that about 2 months ago I'm having really annoying testicular pain in the right testicle. I'm thinking about going back at 9 months or a year past this this exposure to maybe put this behind me. As I know from reading symptoms can not diagnose HIV, But if my test where false negatives is it possible I have developed testicular cancer or epidimytis from just 8 months or so of HIV being in my body?
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Thanks I hear you and Understand. Just quickly wanted to post this.

Epididymitis Causes:

A bacterial infection is the most common cause of epididymitis.[1] The bacteria in the urethra back-track through the urinary and reproductive structures to the epididymis. There can be associated urethritis (inflammation of the urethra). In rare circumstances, the infection reaches the epididymis via the bloodstream.

In sexually active men, Chlamydia trachomatis is responsible for two-thirds of cases, followed by Neisseria gonorrhoeae and E. coli (or other bacteria that cause urinary tract infection). Particularly among men over age 35 in whom the cause is E. coli, epididymitis is commonly due to urinary tract obstruction.[2] Less common microbes include Ureaplasma, Mycobacterium, and cytomegalovirus, or Cryptococcus in patients with HIV infection. E. coli is more common in boys before puberty, the elderly and homosexual men.

Non-infectious causes are also possible. Reflux of sterile urine (urine without bacteria) through the ejaculatory ducts may cause inflammation with obstruction. In children, it may be a response following an infection with enterovirus, adenovirus or Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Epididymitis can also be caused by genito-urinary surgery, including prostatectomy and urinary catheterization. Congestive epididymitis is a long-term complication of vasectomy.[3][4] Chemical epididymitis may also result from drugs such as amiodarone.[5]
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save the copy and pastes...your test PROVES that you dont have hiv.
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