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Thanks and observations

I am pleased to say that I received my 13 week negative result which I am presuming unless any proffesional on this board tells me so is conclusive. I had unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW (after the condom slipped off - was drunk)

I want to just say thank you to the doctors and also the core contributors on this forum Teak, LL, AS and many others for passing on your knowlege and advice to me and many other people.

This whole experience has felt like  going on an intensive crash course on HIV/AIDS and the one major benefit is that you are forced into a situation of educating yourself which hopefully puts you in good stead for any future decisions/encounters.

To the core contributors on this forum - I do admire your endurance in answering the same questions day in day out, and I realise you must feel like throwing your pc against the wall with some of the stuff that is posted on here. However, i belive you guys are at the forefront of the dissemination of the facts to the general public and it's also my belief that it's better to be paranoid ( forced to be educated) than being ignorant and running into the abyss.

It is a long haul the three month wait for my definitive results, although like many I would certainly advocate the idea of testing at 6 weeks to put your mind at ease. I would also advise not to have sex with strangers when your drunk as the scope for things going wrong are huge, plus you can't quite piece together all the facts after :-)

I bid you all goodbye and in the nicest way possible hope to never have to return here ( although I will keenly watch developments in this field for the hope of a cure some day) and good luck to all those who are waiting for test results and likewise for those of you who are infected.

Regards for a newly educated person on this subject... Wilo
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Thanks and I am glad you got a negative result
Now make sure you pass on what you have learned
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nice post :)

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