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Thigh pain, joint pain and uneasiness after 2 weeks of exposure

On 13th Aug, I had protected sex in a happy ending massage parlour. I am not sure about the girl's hiv status.

-We deep kissed couple times, I sucked he nipples many times, had oral sex for about 10 seconds(Condom on)
- vaginal with same condom. After I finished , I checked if there is any leakage but I didn't find any.
- She removed the condom using the wet towel. Not sure if any fluid on condom touched penis
- Then she gave me massage and handjob. Not sure if any vaginal fluid was there on her hand that touched my penis urethra.

I am in too much tension since then. Here are the symptoms I felt:

1. First week after exposure, felt burning mouth, dry mouth, a small cut or sore on side of tongue, not sure what it was but got cured next day
2. Heavy head and pressure on head and nose couple times in last 2 weeks
3. From last 4 5 days feeling a stinging sensation in my penis urethra. It is not regular but sometimes, usually in morning time
4. From last 3 4 days feeling knee joint uneasiness, sometime mild pain in knees and different parts of leg also Inner Thigh strain, mild ankle pain. These are all not regular but appear for few minutes and then disappeared. Moslty I feel when I sit or lay down.

I am very much worried if this is ARS symptom. Waiting for 4 weeks mark to go for test but wanted to know from your experience if I am at risk? Please help. I am worried to death.
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Protected sex is safe sex in regards to hiv.as long as the condom didn't break.  All the other activities you mention are also of no risk. You don't need to test.
In your case, the symptoms that you experience are not hiv related.
Thanks malbat, I am worried about the intermittent mild pain I have in my legs and stinging sensation in urethra that started just after 2 weeks of exposure. I don' know if worry/stree
gives fatigue feeling but I am feeling that too
Your symptoms sound more like anxiety. Anxiety can manifest in scary ways. But since now you know that they're not hiv related, thing will start to ease up.
Muscle and joint pain are symptoms of ARS but do they come with fever and other symptoms or can come alone ?
How can you have ARS when you had no risk? You cannot suffer from something you don't have.
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You had no risk from protected sex or anything else you described, so there is nothing more to say about ARS since it doesn't apply in your situation.
I am sorry may be i am over reacting seeing the symptoms. But could there be any possibility my condom had small hole or something. After I finished I pressed the tip of condom to make sure it is not leaking but not sure if any hole or small cut during oral which lasted about 10 seconds
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Sorry to both you all again. My leg/thigh pain is keep on increasing day by day. Tonight it is at max, I am having burning pain in right leg. If this is ARS symptom, it will go automatically ?
Go see a doctor. Your pain has nothing to do with HIV.
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