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To all women (PMS question) has nothing to do with HIV

This question has nothing to do with HIV, and is about women. I really dont want to make you uncomfortable or anything, but there is something I need to know. Can a Women predict (100%) her next period? Is it possible for a women to know that in the next 2 or 3 days she is going to have her period? I know this question is not a good one, but I do need an answer. Do women drink during her period? or Can women drink during her period?

Anyways!!! take care... all women..
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The thing is that I went out with a really hot chick today, and she kept telling me that she wanted me to give her oral sex, (i told her, not today) but then she told me she is having her period pretty soon, like in a day or two, and her period is going to last 10 days. I'm going to a Resort with that same girl from saturday to monday... by that time she is going to have her period(thats what she says), and I really dont want to give her oral sex if she is bleeding or something... I already went through some deep ****, and I dont want to go through that stuff again.. I know what you are going to say, if she has her period and blood comes inside you're mouth is very low risk and ****... Well, i dont want to taste blood while I'm with this girl. Period.. No offense to the ladies, but nobody wants to taste blood while giving oral sex.... am I right or What?
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OK.. i'll be honest... this chick is super hot...and she wants me to go down on her, but i'm so ****** up since what happened to me on july 29... that there is not way I'm going down on this girl if she has her period... she kept telling me I want you to go down... but MAN or WOMEN.. no, no, no way!!! I didnt go down on her last night (hey, we didnt have sex, she si sleeping on ym bed as I write this, I had to make up a story about not sleeping on the 2nd date, ********!!...)Man, i cant believe this is happening to me, this is so unfair...this chick is so hot... i'm so upset!!! the fear is not letting me do anything... DCuck!!! Duck!!! AHHH!!! I just want to beat myself up... WHY????????????????????
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Be careful mate...be safe and play safe...take care..cheers..
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To answer this question , one necessarily doesn't have to be a woman. Anyone, living with a woman, under one roof for some time,  can tell you. Yes, she can, almost a day or two ahead of the actual " release", which lasts for the next 4-6 days, varies for woman to woman. Ans also, to predict this, the "chick" doesn't need to be "super hot" necessarily.
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To Dave: Thanks for the advice Dave... I'll be safe my friend... there is no doubt about it...

meworried: thank you for your information... very very nice... one or two days before is when they have what is call PMS, the headches and all the other stuff.... Again thanks meworried your information is excellent!!!
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Thanks for your kind words. Well, when it comes to wives, headache is a 7x24 thing, especially before going into bed,,,, regardless of mensuration cycle.... some "relief" can be anticipated on Saturday nights,,,, LOL
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Of course women can tell when they will get their periods.  How else do you expect us to trick you into getting us pregnant?
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Meworried: I dont have a wive, but had a couple of girlfriends back in college, and man you're 100%... the headache goes on and on!!! MAN YOU DONT EVEN WANT TO KNOW!!! FOR YOU IS WORST IF YOU ARE MARRIED... WHICH I ASSUME YOU ARE.!!!

PEEKAWHO: thats cool only when you want a kid... but when you're not married, is like DUCK..!!1 what the heck happen here??? anyways... i know women can tell when they have their period. my only question was can they predict 2 or 3 days before they have it....and it seems ot be that they do... i dont know i think this girl probably wanted me to give her oral so badly.. or probably she is going to have her period this weekend and she knows there is not way i'm going to do oral to her, so she wanted me to do oral last night... two very likely outcomes!!

Anyways!!! me thanks for the advice a ton... dave thanks for the encourament... and peek, hey good humor ehh??

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Yes, you know down to the day when its coming if you have regular periods.  Its like clockwork every 28 days, most of the time.

Especially if you are on the pill.  
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Well, i dont like giving bad news... honestly i dont know if this is bad news or good news, you can take it either way... anyhow,i just found out that my Super hot chick might be pregnant... now wonder she wanted to spend time with me monday night!!! thats the reason she wanted to sleep with me so badly...!!! WAO!!! was i luckky? my hiv fear save me from a baby... no offense, i do want to have kids but not now!! Good luck to you all.!!!
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LOL..take care
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Yeap.. anyway.. good luck to you my friend.. id ont suffer this boards that much anymore but i can tell you this....

I know youll be negative... when is your 3 month test.. mine is suppose to be october 29.. but i'm taking a rapid test at 55 days fridays.. just to take it.. but i know it will be negative. i no longer have symptoms...except for the white tongue..anyhow everything will be negative!!

Sayonara and good luck!1
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