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To test or not to test

I do no know what to do here. I had vaginal protected sex with a girl in september. I wish i was freakin educated about this back then because I would have never been tested. I had a condom on and filled it up with water when i was done and there were no holes, meaning no vaginal fluids could have entered the tip of my penis. Also this girl assured me she did not have any std's and was sort of offended, but she had slept with MANY guys. To rid myself of irrational fears I recieved a test at 10 weeks, a blood antivirus test, which was negative. This completely back fired as I am now, 22 weeks later, still extremely worried about this. I think that because the health department in the bronx was so dirty, and the fact that it was filled with people since it was world AIDS day ( ironic right?) that there could have been a mishap with the staff and I could have been infected. When I got back to college after christmas break there were signs all over my school saying " FREE HIV ORAQUICK TESTS" why won't this three lettered disease stop following me. I went and talked to the nurse at my school and she said, given my story, that I had a 1 in 10 million chance of having HIV, and that I should not take a test because the last thing I need is a false positive. The only thing is, if I get an oraquick test that is negative 12 weeks after I last got tested, I feel it was abolish all of my irrational fears for real. What are the chances the test could be inconclusive/false negative/ false positive or whatever?
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10 weeks is a pretty good indication but you had protected sex so you were not at risk.
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yea but should I go get that oraquick test? or should i try to mentally this fear in case the oraquick is inconclusive, false neg, false positive, etc. Why does that happen in tests?
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yea but should I go get that oraquick test? or should i try to mentally this fear in case the oraquick is inconclusive, false neg, false positive, etc. Why does that happen in tests?
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You had protected sex, you do not need to test.

Here is my advice, start getting some education on HIV because I know this is not your first post and I don't want this to turn into an obsession for you.

Here is a quick chart for you
HIV is passed by:
Unprotected vaginal/anal sex
IV drug use sharinf needles
Mother to unborn child/nursing child.
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so i should not retest?
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my main question was about if i re tested for re assurance would there be any chance of a false positive or false neg inconclusive result
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you were NEVER at risk...you had protected sex.  you do NOT need to retest...what you need to do is MOVE ON
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thanks for your answers, unfortunatly I can not move on unless I get a confirmed test, I believe it is the only way to completely rid myself of this irrational fear. I was just wondering what the risk of a false positive on an oraquick, and what exactly causes it?
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